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Brandon Martinez, The Martinez Perspective, on ITEL – 11.29.14

Brandon Martinez, co-founder of Non-Aligned Media and a featured contributor to such media sites and organizations as Press TV, Veterans News Now, Media With Conscience News, Whatsupic, Intifada Palestine, Information Clearing House, What Really Happened, as well as other alternative media outlets, was on Inside the Eye – Live! on Saturday, November 29, 2014 for what proved to be a technically (production) challenging yet still insightful interview.

The technical difficulties interrupted the flow of the interview, but the show went on and we were able to put together an insightful filled hour.

Canada – A Global Belligerent


Brandon’s area of focus Non-Aligned Media is is primarily within geopolitics for as Brandon referenced, geopolitical intrigues remain one of the driving forces that have been negatively shaping the lives of people and nations across the planet.

Brandon spoke about how Canada, for example, has become a global belligerent within the larger Israeli/Jewish agenda of a perpetual “War on Terror” with Canadians finding themselves dying in such places as Iraq and Afghanistan.

As Brandon expanded upon, Israel appears to be following a plan authored by Oded Yinon which called for the breakup of the Middle East along sectarian lines and the establishment of a perpetual state of war and conflict between Islamic sects in advancement of this divide and conquer strategy.

Canada, for its part, led by Prime Minister Steven Harper, has been one of the most proactive supporters of Israel to the point of, as Fetch queried, one who could be classified as a “rectified Goy” in the very political and ideological sense as referenced in and supported by Jewish society’s “far Right”, or Likud and Likud sympathetic political blocks.

In support of “the Jewish state”, it is hard to argue that Canada has not become a “global belligerent”.

A Commitment to “Journalism”


The current “information age” presents an ever growing reality within the world of “journalism”, which, some may say, is largely a dying art: the “purveyance” of information, today, is no longer in the hands of a guilded few known as “journalists”.

Today, due the universal success of the Internet, the purveyance of information has expanded into the hands of numerous and uniquely effective mediums: “bloggers”, “Internet essayists”, “citizen journalists”, and “trolls” are all unique forms of categories that, although sharing in similar technological presentations, each have their own unique styles and purposes in the larger web of information available within the world today.

It is this new environment with which the “1%” and their private “main stream media”, must compete, and narratives crafted in the back room of a formerly smoky editors room today can be broken before the narratives can even hit the presses or the daily morning and evening news cycles.

Success for these new forms of “information purveyors” often requires a dedication to pragmatic realities (false narratives can be deconstructed now at near the speed of light).  Hence the modern purveyor of information often must respect and integrate traditional values held within the craft of journalism (research, investigation, and reporting) and yet have a flair for “reality framing” to match step for the step the efforts being made by the “corporate main stream media’s overt propaganda efforts.

In this regard, Brandon Martinez, at 24, could be considered one of the brighter “rising stars” in this new media artform.

Having attended some formal education in “journalism”, Brandon recognized that the institutions which teach and graduate the future “journalist” was in reality merely a breeding ground for future compliant “information purveyors” for the Corporate Estate and its political and social organizational arms.

It is imperative that efforts be made to break through the media fog of false narratives and realities that has become the primary effort put forward by the main stream media.


Towards this effort, Brandon Martinez has written two books:

Hidden History: Essays and articles about war, terrorism and deception in media and politics


Grand Deceptions: Zionist Intrigue in the 20th and 21st Centuries

In addition to these two works, Brandon has written over 20 articles for Iran’s Press TV as well as other digital media outlets as referenced above.

Brandon has clearly been able to break through the “media fog” of “false narratives”, “fake terror” and whole range of issues that spring from the AngloZion Empire.

As such, Non-Aligned Media, as an asset of Brandon Martinez’s media efforts, focuses on recurring themes that seek to break through main stream media framing. These themes include:

  • False Flag Terrorism
  • The Israeli Lobby
  • The Mainstream Media, Hollywood, and Zionism
  • Historical Revisionism
  • Thought Crime Legislation and the State Regulation of History name but a few.

Jews as their own worst enemies…

358119_Harper-Zionists- Israel

For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.  On the political sphere, what this means is that for every act of oppression there exists a latent act of revenge or retribution.  Hence laws designed to stifle oppression and dissent are often put into place to prevent not “oppression” of others, but rather to prevent a backlash by the oppressed against the oppressor.

Hence as we see in Canada and other “Western democracies” in the trend towards forced social censoring, be it through the peer pressure of “political correctness” or “anti hate speech laws”, what we see is that behind all of these stunts and charades exists an ever prescient oppressive force with Jews largely holding much of the helm.

Hence the backlashes, “pogroms”, and “anti-Semitism” is merely the reaction to Jewish political and social actions.

In Canada, for instance, efforts are being made such that criticism of Israel or any majority held Jewish position can equate to social ostracism ( Denis Rancourt), legal entanglements (Arthur Topham), and kidnapping and imprisonment (Ernst Zundel).

What is being witnessed is a creeping and suffocating oppression and much of it is largely designed to promote and protect Jewish global and domestic (host country) interests.

Failure of Jewish society at large to stand up to the extremism in its own society breeds the illusion of “generalism”, whereby people begin to see nearly the entire of Jewish culture complicit in the oppression of what, even by Jewish political and social reasoning, is a foreign occupying force against host populations.

Brandon spoke about the creeping oppression in Canada, Canada’s subservience to Jewish (Zionist) interests, and quite a bit more.

Technical issues largely cleared for the second half hour and the show settled into a bit more relaxed conversation which many will find to be quite a welcome addition to Inside the Eye – Live!

You can hear the interview here:

ITEL Radio Interview – Brandon Martinez – 11.29.14


ITEL Radio Full Show – 11.29.14 – US Holiday Weather and Factors that Affect Audience Reach on the Internet

Hour 1 of the show largely revolved around the exceptionally challenging weather in the Eastern part of the United States and the weathers affect on the American “Thanksgiving holiday.  In addition, we discussed the unique efforts of viral efforts that link Inside the Eye – Live! to other sites, how this generates audience reach, and how audience reach of the main stream media continues to nosedive and “gray” and how this presents a unique opportunity for people to acquire knowledge and information in pursuit of becoming an educated and aware citizen within the larger political environment.

In hour number 3, Lee Rogers from “The Daily Slave” joined to discuss the events unfolding in Ferguson, Mo and other fascinating news stories dug up and posted at “The Daily Slave”.

You can hear the entire show here:

ITEL Radio Full Show – 11.29.14