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Brendon O’Connell on Inside the Eye – Live! – 8.12.17

Brendon O’Connell, an Australian blogger and activist, appeared on Inside the Eye – Live! on Saturday, August 12, 2012 in the 11 a.m. hour (Hour 2).  The interview proved to be lively and quite lucid, with Brendon sharing his experiences at dealing with Jewish tyranny (vis-a-vis) their highly subjective and anti-Western laws which seek to impose a muzzle on any criticism and elucidation of Jewish cultural disdain for the West and how this aversion to Western civilization manifests in Jewish political group strategies.

Defending Against “Hate Speech” Charges

As the above tweet shows, those who believe they have a right to impose themselves onto others through some nebulous concept called “hate speech” are most often, completely insanse and irrational. For decades we have heard Jews scream “Nazi”, “White Supremacist”, “bigot”, “racist”, and so many other forms of weaponized rhetoric all intended to silence and intimidate. In truth, the intent and use of all these words is brought about by the “hatred” of the one projecting the language, and yet it remains these same psychopaths who wish to bring about the idea of silencing speech for the express purpose of ensuring the very tyranny they are seeking to bring in (and for which protests to are often being voiced).

Brendon spent quite a bit of time in the first hour discussing the idea of “hate speech”, incitement to hate, and the mentality and logic one should use when approaching what is a purely irrational set of laws whose intent and design is to stifle speech.

Caution Against “White Nationalism”

On the issue of “White Nationalism”, Brendon came down strongly against the idea of European people organizing under any banner that specifically referencing “White” nationalism, believing that such labels simply play into a narrative that makes any such branding simply plays into the hands of the current power structure.  He is all for “European nationalism”, believing that if Europeans wish to unite on a large scale, they should go to Europe.

Brendon advocates, nonetheless, for people to get involved in the political process and learn how to exert political pressure.

He stated something to the effect that “Jews don’t whine, they get things done” and “know how to exert political pressure”.

What seemed to missing is that Jews can exert political pressure is precisely because they are highly organized behind an identifiable block that can move votes en masse.

This was a good interview for Brendon. He came through with many valid and lucid points in this segment. You can hear the entire segment here:

ITEL Radio Interview – Brendon O’Connell – 8.12.17

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Editors Note

This article was changed to correct a differentiation in perception between “White nationalism”, and idea that Brendon states he is opposed to, and “European nationalism”, an idea he fully supports, with the caveat that those who advocate for these ideals should move back to Europe.





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