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Brian Ruhe – The Brian Ruhe Show – Inside the Eye – Live! – 8.19.17

Brian Ruhe from the Brian Ruhe Show, a Youtube channel dedicated to educating about Jewish power, esoteric subjects (with an emphasis on Buddhists doctrines and teachings) appeared on Inside the Eye – Live! on Saturday, August 19, 2017. Brian appeared in the 3rd hour.

One intriguing aspect of this interview was Brian’s knowledge a series of tapes dating back to the 70’s wherein it was apparent knowledge that Adolph Hitler was presumed to be an acolyte withing the Buddhist system of teaching and that Hitler was said to be an adept at being able to channel higher realm power to aid in his personality. Other interesting points of discussion included the manner in which Brian was targeted by B’hai B’rith in Canada, effectively losing his job teaching at a local community college.

That was a big wake-up call for Brian as to the nature and career sadism of Jewish power.

Brian also discussed the way in which Jews have installed themselves into Buddhist traditions and are using these positions to destroy core teachings and in the place of these core teaching, injecting typical Jewish depravity like feminism, cultural Marxism, and other psychological traps that steer people away from learning inherent core truths, and instead, finding themselves paying Jews to essentially learn a bunch of esoteric garbage.

A nice introduction The Fetch appeared on the Brian Ruhe Show. You can hear the entire interview here:

ITEL Radio Interview – Brian Ruhe – 8.19.17

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