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Brizer from Ireland – Ongoing War against the Irish – 3.18.17

“Brizer from Ireland”, who used to host The Fetch’s “The Esoteric Hour w/ The Fetch” on Awake Radio back in 2012, came on to discuss the ongoing war against Ireland and the Irish and the manner in which Irish political leadership has sold out the Irish in favor of Jewish goals and agendas.

Ireland’s Prime Minister’s visit to the United States, wherein Brizer stated that Prime Minister Enda Kenny is not well liked, is in with Jewish bankers, and supports the destruction of Ireland through continued non assimilatible migrants.  Brizer went on to add that the current influx of migrants are generally coming to Ireland simply to partake of the handouts engineered by the current (treasonous) Jewish run Irish government.

The role of a Jewish agenda, the state of awareness of the Irish people, the role of the alternative media, and much more packed into this informative half hour interview.

You can listen here:

ITEL Radio Interview – Brizer from Ireland – 3.18.17