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Burger King: White Girl. Bring us a black baby. – ITEL PT – 6.21.18

Automation arrived a long time ago.  The history of the West is really quite intertwined with the idea of automation.  Standardizing parts that could be readily assembled such as a small rifle has been perfected into the building of such complex machines as commercial aircraft and automobiles.  Humans have long learned to work with machines and without machines, modern civilization as we know it would not exist.

This is progress.

However, along with this progress comes a reality that life is easier.  People do not need to work as before, have more time on their hands, and are free to pursue more meaningful pursuits.  That such is true, if channeled intelligently, can certainly be viewed as an enormous benefit for humanity at large.

However, this ease of life has given rise to a scourge upon the Earth.  The “social justice warrior”, or SJW, who, freed from the responsibility of having to be a productive member of society, is not free to scheme and act in a way that harms the productive interests of others.

The rise of “corporate idiocy” and the “corporate idiot” is just part and parcel to a world made too easy through the productive use of automation.  It seems that along the path of automation, our education system, run largely by Jews and for Jewish social aims, has automated the creation of true idiots.

A recent example of this is Russia’s “Burger King” franchise, which ran an advertisement that promised women that got impregnated by a foreigner during the the World Cup some US$47K plus a lifetime supply of Whoppersâ„¢.

Why would Burger King offer up something as idiotic as that?  Because Burger King and its advertising affiliates are nothing but a bunch of SJW idiots.  Unable to create, SJW are only able to tear down.  SJW’s are “quintessentially Jewish” in nature, profiting from destroying, rather than building.

In the case of Russia’s Burger King, Burger King was most likely responding to comments made by Tamara Pletnyova, head of Russia’s lower house congressional committee on children and family affairs, who cautioned women about giving birth to mixed race children whom, as history has shown, are neglected and discriminated against as occurred following the 1980 Moscow Olympic Games.

Worse, apparently to the SJW idiots working on behalf of Burger King, Ms. Pletnyova had the audacity to state the obvious,

It is one thing if the parents are of the same race; quite another if they are of different races. We should give birth to our own children. – source

Apparently, enraged by statements that run counter to the Jewish “race mixing agenda” that is seen in virtually every commercial, sporting event, newspaper, and so forth, the idiots that comprise the SJW corporate world decided they would “show them Russians” and offered a US$47K prize plus a lifetime supply of Whoppers for any Russian woman who could get impregnated by an athlete competing in the World Cup.  Of course, unless the child was of mixed race, Burger King would have a stronger case to deny the prize, anyways, so any woman wanting to go win this prize would be better served getting pregnant with a black person.

The “offensive” ad, which appeared on social media sites, was taken down after an uproar in Russia, resulting in an “apology” from Burger King.  Yet the offensive, literal assault on the Russian people, was clear from the SJW’s at Burger King.

The ad should simply have run: White girl.  Bring us a black baby!  That is what was intended.

This story, the EU link tax, updates from Yemen, Jews running around like idiots, and much more made for another fast paced Prime Time! show.

Inside the Eye – Live!  Prime Time!