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Carlos Miller, Photography is not a Crime on ITEL 12-29-2012

Carlos Miller PINACCarlos Miller, an award winning blogger and proprietor of the website Photography is not a Crime (PINAC) will be on Inside the Eye – Live! on Saturday, December 29, 2012.

Carlos Miller is a Miami multimedia journalist who has been arrested three times for recording police in public, the first one which prompted him to launch his blog, Photography is Not a Crime, in 2007.

He’s beaten all three cases, including a recent acquittal in November for an arrest while documenting the Occupy Miami eviction.

He has and continues to document some of the most absurd cases against other photographers reaching back over a period of five years.

His blog has been mentioned or featured in numerous news sites or publications, including the New York Times, Washington Post, the Miami Herald, the South Florida Sentinel, Playboy Magazine, Fox News, ABC News, NPR and much more.

He also speaks regularly on panels throughout the United States on the issue of citizens having the right to record police in public.

He has recently launched an apparel company called PINAC Nation to further promote the message that Photography is Not a Crime.

Web Presence:

Photography is Not a Crime
PINAC Nation – Photography is not a crime brand apparel

Show Wrap-up

The show began with a pretty comprehensive fail of microphone equipment here in Jordan. Funny how the darn thing had been working on a phone call to the United States but a half hour before, but somehow, and for some reason, the microphone just refused to work. A back-up mic was dug out and brought online, which seemed to solve the technical issue. Doug was available, so we were able to provide some music while we worked on the technical issues.

Total time lost: 30 minutes

The show was planned to address issues on gun control and the release of names by the Journal News of White Plains, a property of the Gannett Company. The technical difficulties prevented getting into a deeper presentation of this issue, which will, perhaps, be raised another time.

Carlos Miller started the 2nd hour and stayed through to the end of the show.

A wide array of topics were discussed, including the war on photo/multimedia journalists by American police forces, his 3 arrests which were the motivations for documenting police assaults on photojournalism, his ongoing lawsuits, some of the more memorable stories during his 5 years of documenting police assaults on photojournalism, and much more.

An entertaining and informative show.

You can listen to it here:

It may be downloaded by right click here: [download/listen]