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Charlottesville: Politics is Personnel

Politics is personnel.  A newly elected candidate, which represents a platform for a voting constituency, runs the risk of a total failure if the winning candidate does not move rapidly to fill the political/administrative ranks with supporters able and willing to work for the people to implement the policies and programs of interest for which the candidate ran and was duly elected.

Failure to remove existing personnel and replace them with capable administrative and political personnel means that the newly arriving candidate (the ascendant political constituency) runs the risk of an entrenched political/administrative constituency able to sabotage the aspirations of the incoming constituency, or worse, use the instruments of State to actively work to overthrow the incoming aspirations of the ascendant constituency.

It is critical that an ascendant political constituency grasp this reality and, in the process, work to remove and replace administrative and political personnel with professional personnel ready, willing, and capable to move the aspirations of the ascendant political constituency.

A Fractured American Political Infrastructure

America is no longer homogenous.  Jewish efforts to open the borders and smash the homogeneity of the United States has had catastrophic consequences for traditional America.  Lost jobs, rising crime rates, an influx of gangs and drugs, lost opportunity and wages – all have contributed to making traditional America a disgruntled (and largely politically marginalized) bloc.

A Western European American demographic implosion compounds the issue.  Longago shoved off as being preposterous, is now openly advocated in academic, cultural, and political circles.

With the loss of homogeneity comes the reality that keeping America united through political channels becomes increasingly difficult, if not impossible.  This is especially true when the current political infrastructure of the United States has been filled with apparatchiks that are working to destroy American towns, cities, and the nation itself, runs into a rising nationalist American political constituency which, by default, are those Americans of traditional America (European spirit and values) and the many minorities who emigrated to live in and partake of “the American dream”.

Traditional America (Nationalists) must come to grasp with the reality that, politically speaking, electing “Trump” as POTUS, simply fractured, at best, the political landscape of America.  The process of changing the PERSONNEL within government institutions, is the required next step before any real systemic changes can begin to occur and, with it, the hopes and aspirations of the American constituency, largely traditional America, can begin to see the fruits of its labor in electing Trump as their President.

The entrenched Bolshevik forces in America, having silently replaced much of America’s political infrastructure (accelerated during the Obama takeover of the Republic), understand full well that power ultimately lies in controlling the institutions that run and govern the country.

Replacing Policy Personnel – Presidential Prerogative

To drive the point how seriously Jews take an interest in ensuring personnel dominance, one particular Jewish NGO, “The Partnership for Public Service“, an NGO that bills itself as being “non-Partisan”, is currently monitoring nearly 600 key appointments of the some 1200 that require Congressional approval prior to filling.

To date, POTUS Trump’s administration has submitted 223 of the 591 key positions, while only 117 of those formally nominated have been confirmed.

Statistics – Presidential Appointees – Aug 23, 2017 – New York Times/Partnership for Public Service

Politics is personnel.

Entrenched political constituencies, not beholden to, and in many cases, visibly hostile to the national aspirations of the ascendant Nationalist block in America, are delaying and sabotaging the replacement of personnel. The time it takes for a Presidential nominee to be confirmed is rapidly approaching 54 days, nearly double that of previous Presidential administrations, while confirmed appointees running at between 25-33% of that from previous Presidential Administrations.

As Robert Moffitt, in speaking to the Daily Signal, was quoted as saying,

“The Senate delay is pure obstruction and a disservice to the American people. Advise and consent is not simply obstructing the president’s team’s ability to carry out his agenda. This directly obstructs the democratic process. The country elects presidents.”

Charlottesville – A Lesson to Nationalists

The lesson on “personnel” should not be lost on Nationalists. Replacing personnel is not simply required at the political level: a major purge is required throughout the entire spectrum of the political sphere. Academia, cultural, media, medical, security – no segment of the nation should be spared a purge in personnel.

When we view this idea in relationship to Charlottesville, the idea of understanding and influencing personnel (exerting political pressure, as Jews often brag about), cannot be underestimated.

The original Charlottesville narrative has long ceased to exist, and it has been barely over a week. A legal, permitted rally to protest and discuss the destruction of statue of Robert E. Lee, and American historical monuments at large, was completely set-up by entrenched Bolshevik forces.

At the local level, the local Charlottesville police force, looked on while non-permitted rioters were bused in and funneled towards the Nationalist rally. According to one eye witness source, both Antifa and KKK units were bused in as part of the non-permitted “protest”.

The mayor of Charlottesville is Michael Signer, is Jewish, while presiding Vice Mayor Wes Bellamy was a rabidly anti-White racist black.

With this toxic anti-American formula, a trust in the police was essentially naive.

Further up the political chain, Virginia’s Governor, Terry McAuliffe, is a Democrat clearly aligned against Nationalist interests. Add to this toxic mix a national Jewish dominated media wholly interested in painting the Nationalist element of the United States in some of the most culturally toxic and negative terms (all of which are manufactured from Jewish control of the media), and the recipe in Charlottesville was set for a qualified disaster.

It was.

As rioters representing Bolshevik political force in America rampaged, a car purportedly slammed into a crowd, killing a rioter. The story here is not clear and perhaps even a staged false flag, but idiots at the now defunct Daily couldn’t help but write a disparaging article that media and tech companies were lying in wait for. The result was a massive (and clearly planned) destruction of Nationalist websites in the United States.

Shut down websites, monetary “deplatforming” as Paypal cut ties to leading Nationalist websites, and an onslaught of hacking/DDOS attacks against Nationalist websites ensued.

Yet in all this: we return to the idea that “Politics is Personnel”.

Companies as Google, Facebook, Paypal, GoDaddy – all are Jewish owned. The media pushing the false narratives are all or nearly all Jewish owned. Within a week, “nationalist darling Bannon”, brought in to the Trump Admin to promote nationalist values, found himself being unceremoniously dumped, only to met with rather “in your face” taunts such as “Goy. Bye.”

The statement was clear for anyone willing to listen. Nationalists are not welcome in the halls of power, and “We Jews control the mechanism to exert maximum political pressure and will destroy anyone who challenges our power.”

Jews won this battle, but the fact that Jews are at war with America is just coming into the public view.

It is time for Nationalists to focus on PERSONNEL.

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