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Christians Seeking Enemies, plus Monika Schaefer and Mike (Tom) Goodrich – 4.8.17

Inside the Eye – Live! for Saturday, April 8, was a guest and listener call-in filled show, with Monika Schaefer, a violinist from Canada currently experiencing ritual defamation at the hands of organized Jewry in Canada, filling in for hour #2, and Michael “Tom” Goodrich, author of Hellstorm: The Death of Nazi Germany, 1944-1947, filling in in hour #3 with local Floridian Taylor McClain.

In the first half hour, Fetch provided a rant against extreme fundamentalist right wing Christian who try to paint everyone and everything from the esoteric traditions of the West as being “agents” of “Kike Jews”. Such rantings hardly do justice to the rich heritage and history of thinkers and philosophers who emerged from Western civilization and greatly contributed to the rise of Western civilization on the global stage. Few far right Christians (zealots) understand that Western esoteric traditions were largely a product of defense against the pillaging and murder of the very same “Christian” dogmas that they hold so near and dear today.

Western esoteric traditions have been at war, essentially, with the Judaic energy within Christianity since same arrived on the scene, and at war with the larger Abrahamic Jewish system for time well before that.

Monika Schaefer and Ritual Defamation

One thing we know all too well: when cowards within the Jewish community isolate a victim because of Jewish beliefs that said victim has violated Jewish beliefs and agenda, Jews will attack like frothing dogs to destroy their intended victim. Monika Schaefer, a violinist of German heritage, born to parents that survived World War II, came on to describe how Jewish groups have launched a seeming tireless and incessant campaign against here in their effort to destroy Monika for her daring to apologize to her parents, AFTER their death, for the shame and embarrassment she had heaped on her parents through believing the lies that Jews spread about the real history of World War II.

Michael “Tom” Goodrich with Taylor McClain

Michael “Tom” Goodrich came on in the third hour to vent his frustration at the total backtracking, and some say backstabbing, way in which Donald Trump attacked Syria using Tomahawk cruise missiles under a clearly dubious and fraudulent fake news story about “chemical weapons” use by the Syrian military. Taylor added more insights as to competing views relative to Trump and Syria in what turned out to be a contentious third hour.

You can hear the entire show here:

ITEL Radio Full Show – 4.8.17

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