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Christopher Jon Bjerkness Storms off Inside the Eye – Live! – 7.22.17

On July 22, 2017, Christopher Jon Bjrekness stormed out of an interview with “the Fetch” after a heated exchange about Bjerkness’s attempts to peddle main stream talking points as if they were all “matter of fact”. Apparently, Bjerkness was not aware that Inside the Eye – Live! is intelligent media for the politically aware, and not a forum to promulgate nearly every single talking point being put out there by our Jewish controlled media.

In an interview that was going nowhere, where Putin had risen to be the great mastermind of all that ills the world and West, the rather obvious complicity and power of America’s Jewish political elite was just a footnote: seems everyone in America and the world working against the interests of the world and the West is working for Putin now. Give that man a cape!

We were not exactly sure this interview with this Mr. Putin is a superhero villain peddler was going to work out: it didn’t.

But to be fair, Bjerkness does have a book out entitled “Putin’s Reign of Terror: The permanent revolution of our time”. Dubbed by some private vetting sources in Eastern Europe (not Putin’philes) as “propaganda for morons”, we can’t vouch for the veracity of Bjerkness’s findings, even as analysts did concede that Bjerkness got “a few things right”.

Don’t worry everyone.

Putin is engineering every evil that the West faces today. The Alt-Right is simply dancing in a suicide pact with the most evil man to ever grace planet Earth. Apparently, the Tribe has decided that Putin now out strips Hitler as public enemy number 1 and all attention must be directed onto Putin.

All those internal enemies seeking to pass legislation throughout the West that elevates Jews and their political machinations as being “way above the ability of lowly goy to object to”, and all the internal enemies like Jewish NGO’s tearing working overtime to tear away at the fabric of Western Civilization? Fohgettahboutit!

Everyone is working for Putin.

Bjerkness never completed the full hour on Inside the Eye – Live!, but if you need to hear more, he was recently given a pretty easy pass on Red Ice TV, and Brandon Martinez was left gushing over nearly everything Bjerkness had to say.

Google those interviews if you need.

But you can hear Bjerkness on Inside the Eye – Live! here (he storms out just after the halfway point):

ITEL Radio Interview – Christopher Jon Bjerkness – 7.22.17