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Clayton Douglas on ITEL, 5.18.2013

Clayton Douglas, talk show host and author
Clayton Douglas, is an accomplished photojournalist, veteran radio talk show host and author of numerous books and magazines. Clayton will be joining The Fetch in Inside the Eye – Live! on Saturday, May 18, 2013, for hour number 2 at 11:00 am EDT for what should be an explosive and intense hour of talk show entertainment.

Clayton is a founder of the New Mexico militia, an idea hatched in the house of the former governor of New Mexico. He was also instrumental in publishing damning information on CIA drug running, and event that would result in years of harassment and threats which eventually led to a suspicious accident and a long hospitalization.

With the recent revelations of organized Jewish censors operating in various mass market alternative media web sites, Clayton and Fetch will be discussing the issue of censorship, free speech, and what needs to be done to protect a treasured Western value – the free flow of ideas and discourse.

The chat room at Inside the Eye – Live! should be rocking so join us there for an hour of fascinating insights from two of alternative media’s leading voices!

Show Wrap-up

Civility and Politics

This show came off pretty well but clearly The Fetch was “in a cloud”. For instance, the date was announced as “Saturday, May 19”, when in actuality, the show was Saturday, May 18. Still, it was a well received show with a good live audience.

Highlights of the show included a 15 minute monologue/rant regarding the total intellectual bankruptcy of those individuals within the Jewish community who serve as the “censorship enforcers” on behalf Jewish political interests.

You can catch edited portions of the show here:

ITEL 5.18.2013 – Full Show

The Fetch on the Civility of those who Censor

Clayton Douglas Interview


Most individuals who have successfully been able to reach people often find themselves under the watchful eye of individuals within the control matrix. As there is no external oversight of those individuals in the control matrix, what ensues is often a form of oppression and suppression that is felt acutely by those individuals who have been targeted.

This interview with Clayton Douglas touches on these realities.

From the days of a writer of “motorcycle magazines” to shortwave radio operator to the present, Clayton Douglas shares a wealth of information for the contemporary listener seeking answers to the fog that is MindWar.

You can hear the interview portion of the show here.