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Clint Richardson on ITEL Radio – 1.25.14

Dees-Fed-ReserveClint Richardson, independent researcher, essayist, and host of The Corporation Nation Radio Show joined for hour two of Inside the Eye – Live! on January 25, 2014 in what proved to be a very thought provoking and entertaining interview.

Items of discussion included CAFR, sovereign man, words, relationship between the citizen and the State, 9-11, and much more.

Eye Witness to 9-11

A particularly interesting story within the conversation revolves around Clint’s personal witness to 9-11. As he described the event, he was witness from about 2 miles away and just North and downwind of the debris/dust field.

Per questions from the audience, Clint was asked of “the no plane” theory was correct, to which he replied that he, at least, did not witness any of the towers being hit by aircraft.

He also stated that he watched the second tower fall, and during the process, heard what heard to be the sound of firecrackers being set of and a strange odor in the air.

This interview establishes a first for interviewing an actual eyewitness to the events of 9-11 and made for a very interesting segment.

The Duplicity of Words

An area where Clinton and The Fetch share parallel research efforts is in the area of words and their duplicitous and deceptive nature.

Here, Clint shared his views on word deconstructions, definitions, meanings, etc., and how a better understanding of words as used in the political sphere is instrumental in establishing the legal realities that govern the citizen and “the State”.

Clint shared his reasons as to why the Constitution of the United States is a vastly flawed document and puts forward the idea that Freemason’s were instrumental in the design of the document and that these designs were not necessarily in the best interests of the general populace for who the document was intended.

All in all, this was a very entertaining interview and a first for the two radio personalities to work together. Based on the response of the audience, many are hoping that this pair will collaborate on another show.

You can hear the Clint Richardson Interview – 1.25.14 portion of the show here:

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