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CNN Blackmail – Trolls and the Press – ITEL Radio – 7.8.17

Inside the Eye – Live! for Saturday, July 8, began with a brief discussion of the mass rioting in Hamburg during the G-20 meeting. The discussion then moved to an historical reference of the digital troll world, Jewish oppression on the Internet, and esoteric constructions in the English language that may be used to deflect from Jewish gas lighting techniques. The show ended with nearly an hour of listener participation with lots of calls to close out what was a really fast and informative show.

You can hear the entire show here:

ITEL Radio Full Show – 7.8.17

CNN Blackmail: Integrating Trolls in the Jewish Media Matrix

At the dawn of the public Internet, 2002-2006, a previously unknown phenomena in human relations was about to hit the digital world with a vengeance: the Internet troll. Fueled by principles barely above the level of social barbarians, the Internet troll was ever on the prowl for “anti-Semites” for whom, knowing the audience was largely against “anti-Semitism”, the sub-human troll could then prod and needle the “anti-Semite” with an intent to “get a reaction” so that a case could be made for “the anti-Semite” to be banned, harassed, doxxed, and in cases, much worse: driving their victims to suicide.

“AltRight” darlings like Andrew “Weev” Auernheimer, a confused and sadistic psychopath, was one such flake that plied this trade to near celebratory status. Truth. Honesty. Common sense. Dignity. Fairness. None of this factored into the equation. He liked to emulate what was to many as the perfect “stereotypical Jew”. The end goal was always the destruction of the target, and these targets were often, in fact, nearly always “the anti-Semites”.

Fast forward to today, we find the early primitive a-social “violence” of the troll now on full display in Jewish mainstream media: it is as if the trolls of the early 2000’s have now been fully integrated into Jewish digital media assets. Hence the recent attack by CNN, essentially blackmailing a private citizen in an effort to intimidate that citizen by using techniques of the trolling world of the Internet hints that Jewish media has fallen to the deepest depths of childish like bullying with the full backing and power of what appears to be Jewish centric courts, Jewish controlled politicians, Jewish lawyers, and Jewish media.

What CNN’s Blackmail taught a rising tide of awareness is that Jewish power will accede nothing without a demand, and will recoil and lash out in any number of unpredictable directions, and that included actual or threats to destroy the targeted “offender” who has not been “obedient enough” to Jews and their views.