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Special Co-Host “Mary” on Fetch’s Nov Absence + Tom Goodrich – ITEL Prime Time – 12.7.17

Inside the Eye – Live! Prime Time! featured a special appearance from “Mary” who appeared as a guest host in the ITEL PT studio.  Mary came into the studio to react to some of the recent comments left at Grizzom’s that targeted (trolled) The Fetch regarding Fetch’s absence for health and physical reasons.  The segment provided a fun, flirty insight into Fetch’s dealing in Riyadh.

Mary appeared for about 12 minutes in the first half hour of the show and then made a second appearance for the ITEL Cat Report, sponsored by North Cackilacke Trading Posts and Blackbird9’s Breakfast Club with a fun story about a very delightful cat story.

Tom Goodrich appeared in the second hour to discuss his recent book “Rage and Revenge, Torture and Atrocities in War and Peace“. The book will make a great Christmas stocking stuffer for any historian buffs in your Christmas list. You can order the book direct from Tom Goodrich at or from Amazon.

If you buy the book direct from Tom Goodrich in volumes of 5 or more, Tom is offering a special price. For more information, you can reach out to Tom directly at

You can hear the entire show here:

Inside the Eye – Live! Prime Time! – 12.7.17