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Criticize Israel? May get you fired (or worse) – ITEL PT – 1.25.18

It is becoming absolutely ridiculous.  You can “come out” as being “gay”, “lesbian”, transgender, and even someone attracted to molesting children, and yet nothing will happen to you, but your life be damned if you come out as someone who does not trust, believe, or (omg!) actually criticizes organized Jewish power and the draconian “state of Israel”.

Inside the Eye – Live! Prime Time! looked into the ongoing destruction of careers by corporations because of a person’s critical comments towards Jews or Israel.

The latest firing of Ameena Khan, the first hijab covered model of L’Oreal’s social justice warrior fused “True Match” campaign, for her “egregious” truthful comments about the criminality of the “state” of Israel some 4 years back highlights just how focused Jews are in ensuring that anyone who makes accurate statements about Jews and Israel are to be forever hounded by Jews with the express purpose of destroying careers and livelihoods.

The termination of Ameena Khan, which was really an acceptance of a resignation put forward on behalf of Ameena Khan to L’Oreal, was purported to be due in some part to some ideological mantra known as “inclusiveness”, and idea in which L’Oreal made the face of feminist expression to be that of an anti-White bigot (Jew word here) transgender, Monroe Bergdorf.

You heard that right.  The face of femininity according to L’Oreal is nothing less than a man trying to be a woman.  You just can’t make this stuff up.

Additional insights and commentary on the ongoing trial of Alison Chabloz, wherein Alison is also be charged by Britain’s Crown Prosecution Service due to Alison’s singing songs that Jews don’t like, added more to the idea that you can come out as a person who has an affinity or desire to molest children, but in this Jew run world, one dare not come out and speak truth about “the Jew”.

Indeed, the message Jews seem to be telling citizens of Western civilization is that all the purges and pogroms of some 2000 years may indeed have been based on a real need to protect the native citizenry from this self declared foreign element that seeks to dominate and rule over the lands within which they have been welcomed.

Trying to jail and destroy careers for “wrong thought” simply reinforces the idea that Jews as a guest people are beyond intolerable and their actions and assaults are, ultimately, insufferable.

You can listen to the entire show here:

Inside the Eye – Live! Prime Time – 1.25.18