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David Blatt, The NBA Finals, Israeli Firsters, Assault on USS Liberty – ITEL Radio 6.13.15

As we wind down Spring and head into Summer, the annual sporting ritual of the NHL’s Stanley Cup Playoff and the NBA Finals is in the final week of competition. The NBA and the NBA Finals provided a unique opportunity to highlight the intellectual thinking of Jews relative to their relationship with their host countries.

David Blatt, Cleveland Cavalier’s “Cinderella” Rookie Coach


Now I will be honest, the NBA has about the same allure, for me, as a cleverly scripted professional wrestling match. With the statistical capabilities of the players well documented and understood, it takes, really, very little to sway a game this way or that when one considers that the entirety of a game is controlled by league officials.

Want to take out a key player? Simply hit the player with fouls early and the game. The player will sit and all the players statistics and capabilities will sit with him.

Then there is the added dimension of the NBA being primarily a Jewish run and operated league. Up until last year, although there were only 3 recognized Jewish players in the NBA, such statistics hardly hold true in the ownership box where nearly 50% of the NBA’s principal owners were Jewish. There were no Jewish head coaches.

Until this year.

Enter David Blatt, an admitted proud Zionish and rookie coach of the Cleveland Cavaliers. And wouldn’t you know it? The Cleveland Cavaliers made it all the way to the NBA Finals with a Jewish ROOKIE COACH!

Who could’a thunk it?

In a league where outcomes can be easily swayed, this reporter is putting his money with the Cleveland Cavaliers to eek out a championship over the Golden State Warriers, who, at the time of this writing, led the series 3 games to 2.

The real issue is David Blatt, who moved to Israel in 1981, enrolled in the Israeli Defense Forces, contributing to the genocide of Palestinians (Christian or otherwise) and is a self admitted (rabid?) Zionist.

What a story for the Jewish community to have a rookie Jewish coach come into the NBA and win the NBA Finals in his rookie year after leading the Cleveland Cavaliers to their best record in history, and all that with a team that many say is really not all that talented.

Oh the genius of a Jewish coach! Wvhat a story!

Lots of insights in the show.

Assault on the USS Liberty


What the story line of the first hour really put forward is the relationship of Jews relative to the United States (or other Western societies) and Israel, where Jews view themselves as Israeli’s and proud of their accomplishments.

Destroying an open air prison like Gaza and arresting 5 year old children for “terrorism” I guess are honorable attributes for Jews and their culture.

But the real issue comes from dual loyalty and the propensity for Jews to put Israel above and beyond their birth countries, hence putting Jewish interests on a national and international level against out collective interests even to the point of committing what appears to be open treason.

One such case is the assault on the USS Liberty during the 6 Day War of 1967.

On June 8, 1967, Israeli attack aircraft and naval units attacked the USS Liberty with the obvious intent to sink the ship.

What has ensued is a cover-up at the highest of levels and for which such could not be accomplished if not for the way in which Jews work effectively to ensure that America is subjugated to Jewish interests.

This cannot be done without the literal infestation and infiltration of Jews at the highest levels of all layers of key government, education, and economic choke points.

No other country in the world would permit the level of dual citizen activity at the highest levels of national interest, and now, in case you have no heard, there is developing Cinderella Story in basketball.

In a league that is essentially a Jewish league, we are about to witness the shear awesomeness of Jewish genius. A rookie Jewish coach is in a position to win the NBA Finals.

There is quite a lot to this weeks show, which has received some really positive feedback and comments.

Add in some great listener participation and guests as Tom Goodrich, author of Hellstorm: the Death of Nazi Germany, 1944-1947, along with Kyle Hunt from Renegade Broadcasting Network, and you have a pretty solid effort definitely worth a listen.

Here are a few links for researching into the Jewish attack on the USS Liberty:

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