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Defining Antisemitism – A Jewish Strategy to Impose Tyranny – ITEL PT – 6.7.18

Inside the Eye – Live! Prime Time! for Thursday, June 7, 2018, discussed a little history about D-Day, the destruction of France by the American and allied armies as they stormed through Europe on their way to clear a path for the destruction of Western civilization contributed much of opening first half hour.  The lead in story dealt with the support that MS-13, a violent street gang involved selling drugs into communities across the United States, from such politicians as Dianne Feinstein.  MS-13, in a very pragmatic and real way, could be viewed as an outsourced operation for the CIA’s drug running efforts into the United States.

In the bottom half of the first hour, the Oy Vey Moment!, sponsored by The Andrew Carrington Hitchcock Show, discussed the political efforts by the Jews to move a “friendly” FIFA soccer match between Israel and Argentican from a stadium in Haifa to a stadium in Jerusalem.  The move was an obvious politicized effort to justify the criminal occupation by Jews of much of Palestine.  Ensuing protests and calls for boycotts of the event proved successful and the game was scratched.

As can be predicted, Jews whined about how Jewish efforts to politicize the move of the venue from Haifa to Jerusalem resulted in the Argentine national team putting politics before sport and that this was evidence of massive “antisemitism” on the part of the Argentina.

This idiocy of Jewish logic steamrolls along….

In hour 2, we began a discussion, one that will be further developed and fleshed out, as to how Jewish organizations are working non-stop to create a “definition of antisemitism” for the express purpose of installing a Jewish New World Order Talmudic tyranny regimen across all lands were Jewish power predominates.

One an aside, people say that money and politics are inseparable.  That being the case, that Jews make up nearly 50% of all billionaires in the United States, we should presume that the failures of politics can be put solely at the feet of Jews who seem to believe that it is their right to buy up every politician across the dominant political spectrum across not just America, but Western nations in total.

This show marked the first live streaming effort by Inside the Eye – Live!.  The show was simulcast on Youtube at Inside the Eye  Live!’s Youtube page.

There were some technical glitches that we hope to have resolved moving forward.   Look for more live streams from Inside the Eye – Live! soon!

Inside the Eye – Live! Prime Time! 6.7.18

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