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Denis Rancourt on ITEL Radio – 11.22.14

Dr. Denis Rancourt, the former tenured professor at the University of Ottawa in Canada who was fired under dubious conditions from the University of Ottawa, was on Inside the Eye – Live! on Saturday, November 22, 2014. Denis discussed some of the background dynamics that led to his finding himself in direct conflict with what Denis Rancourt calls “the Israeli Lobby”, but what many of us see as a problem much larger than the “Israeli Lobby”, which is the rather observable vindictive, underhanded, unethical, and spiteful tactics used by Jewish organizations at large to absolutely destroy individuals whom they have targeted.

A Philosophical Shift in Teaching


Denis Rancourt is a professional professor, with over 22 years of teaching experience that had earned him a tenured position at the University of Ottawa. This teaching experience led Denis Rancourt to an observation that as a general rule, students could go through an entire set of curricula and, at the end of the education cycle, emerge from the system essentially having not really “learned” anything.

The root cause for this realization was pretty simple: education is not designed to create a system of learning, rather, under the veneer of learning, students are taught more to be unthinking “obedient employees” and those who emerge as professionals are trained to exit the education experience as merely “indoctrinated professionals” who will espouse and support the status quo.

As Denis explains at his website,

With grades students learn to guess the professor’s mind and to obey. It is a very sophisticated machinery, whereby the natural desire to learn, the intrinsic motivation to want to learn something because you are interested in the thing itself, is destroyed. Grades are the carrot and stick that shape obedient employees and that prepare students for the higher level indoctrinations of graduate and professional schools. The only way to develop independent thinking in the classroom is to give freedom, to break the power relationship by removing the instrument of power.

“Science in Society”, A Course in Activism Leads to Conflict with Canada’s Israel Lobby


All of this led Denis to consider alternative methods of teaching that would increase student’s abilities to actually grasp the subject matter being taught and to synthesize this learning into the students collective experience.

Denis efforts to expand his theory of advancing education led to the creation of a new class that was known as ‘The Activism Course’. More than 400 students packed Marion Hall auditorium in September of 2006 to hear Malalai Joya, an outspoken Afghan politician who was then a member of her country’s Wolesi Jirga, or Afghanistan’s “Congress”. This was the very first session of the new “Activism” course.

Denis explained that Malalai, a female legislator, commented during that guest appearance that the Afghani education system was actually worse under American occupation than it was during the reign of the Taliban. This all occurred at a time when the then President of Afghanistan, Hamid Karzai, was in Canada promoting the war by the United States and its coalition partners against Afghanistan.

Later guest speakers included many who were seeking to raise awareness of the crimes against humanity being committed by Israel against the Palestinians.

The success of this course led to concerted efforts by the “Israeli Lobby” to silence Denis Rancourt. A typical tactic entailed Jewish student organizations shadowing education efforts by Denis Rancourt with the primary purpose of lodging complaints against Denis Rancourt. These efforts led to direct conflict between the pro-Israel administration and Denis Rancourt.


As Denis explained, one of the Israeli Lobby’s primary functions is to ensure that Universities across the Western world subjugate their professional efforts to supporting and obeying Israeli directives.

Questionable Findings at Legal Proceedings and Ongoing Legal Battles


Some of the more interesting elements to come out of Denis Rancourt’s troubles revolves around what appears to many of us to be extremely prejudiced and questionable legal findings in both arbitration and court venues.

On the arbitration side, an arbitration hearing was held regarding the unjust dismissal of Denis Rancourt. During these proceedings, it was learned that the University of Ottawa was involved in what to many of us can only be seen as extremely underhanded and dishonest, dare we say, reprehensible methods in the University’s efforts to defame and build a case to unjustly terminate Denis Rancourt?

Imagine an established University hiring a former student journalist to essentially spy on a professor?

The reprehensible nature of this action is enough to turn stomachs, but when this “spy” conducts herself in what appears to be extremely dishonest and unethical behavior and acquires “information and evidence” in completely underhanded methods and then files reports in such a manner as to imply rather dubious and dishonest intent against the target and worse, disappearing during the arbitration proceedings to a foreign country so as not to be able to be called as a witness, and, without anyone corroborating this “spy”, still the arbitrator finds in favor of the University who relied on what appears to be meaningless garbage being passed off as “reports”, well – you just have to wonder how much political influence was put on the arbitrator by “the Israeli Lobby”.


Worse, as Denis explained, is a recent finding in a court of law that held Denis Rancourt as being guilty of “libel” against another professor at the University of Ottawa.

The primary issue in this case is that government funds were used to fund the lawsuit of the private individual to sue another private individual in a court of a law – an act that is completely illegal on a pragmatic level, and totally amoral on a human level.

The findings are being appealed.

There is quite a bit more to this story available in this interview, and there is still more to be discussed in a future appearance. This was an insightful show that hints at the underhanded methods used to silence dissent in our Western intellectual circles.


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