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Dennis Fetcho, aka “The Fetch” and “Freedom Outpost” Agree to Content Deal

Freedom Outpost ThumbnailDennis Fetcho, aka “The Fetch”, will be bringing his unique insights and observations to Freedom Outpost. In a contribution deal reached this past weekend, Dennis Fetcho, host of “Inside the Eye – Live!” and Tim Brown, Editor in Chief of Freedom Outpost, it was agreed that “The Fetch” would contribute exclusive articles for Freedom Outpost. Freedom Outpost will provide a link back to Inside the Eye – Live!

The agreement is expected to provide to Freedom Outpost audience, a largely conservative, Christian based audience, the views and insights from one of America’s more insightful “conspiracy leaning” political talk show hosts and news and political analyst. In return, Inside the Eye – Live! is expected to benefit from the largely conservative, but “mainstream” audience of Freedom Outpost.

About Freedom Outpost

Freedom Outpost is a leading conservative leaning news/oped website. According to the web ranking firm, Freedom Outpost is ranked 23,538 world wide and 3,900 in the United States. Over 900 websites link in to Freedom Outpost. It receives a range of 15K-50k unique visitors per day, making it one of the leading conservative leaning websites on the world wide web.

Inside the Eye – Live! is a leading Saturday morning political/news talk streaming talk shows. The show airs Saturday’s at 10:00am CST with two new shows added on Mon/Tues at 1:00pm CST.