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Dennis Wise – The Greatest Story Never Told and Communism by the Backdoor – Inside the Eye – Live! – 6.18.16

Dennis Wise, “the genius behind ‘The Greatest Story Never Told”, guest appeared for a second time on Inside the Eye – Live! on 6.18.16. Dennis’s epic work, “The Greatest Story Never Told”, which tells the story of Adolph Hitler from an historically balanced and friendly viewpoint, remains one of the more truthful reporting on the reality of who Adolph Hitler was and the National Socialist movement he so effectively led.

With “Adolph Hitler” remaining a near fetish obsession of Jews of near all social strata, and with Jews using their media to villainzie German, Hitler, National Socialism, and nearly every topic associated within this historical vein, The Greatest Story Never Told enters the world as a humbly produced, and yet powerful voice against the purveyors of totalitarianism and intolerance that lies at the core of Jewish political and social constructions.


As we enter near the middle part of the second decade of a Jewish constructed “War on Terror”, a war that is designed to have no end and thus, an open ended spigot to the national treasuries of Western civilization, Dennis Wise’s latest release, Communism by the Back Door, is a timely video that carries forward the Jewish Bolshevik machinations of World War II and how these machinations continue today as the same Jewish forces that wrought havoc on Germany and Europe continue to do is in a war waged from within the governments of Western democracies.

It is a behavior that can only be described in the worst of light, with “treason” being a reality that is very real and not far from the surface as the Western world, void of effective leadership, stumbles forward in a battle against a vicious and vindictive foe.

This interview shed more light on these inner struggles as only Inside the Eye – Live! is able. A great, short, interview.

You can hear it here:

ITEL Radio Interview – Dennis Wise – 6.18.18

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