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Dennis Wise, The Greatest Story Never Told, on ITEL 11.1.14

Dennis Wise, the producer of highly controversial video “The Greatest Story Never Told“, joined Inside the Eye – Live! on Saturday, November 1, 2014. The Greatest Story Never Told is one of the latest efforts by independent minded individuals to throw into the spotlight the forbidden (why would be forbidden) discussion of Adolph Hitler, National Socialist Germany, and the crimes committed by the West against Germany and Europe in general.

Adolph Hitler: The Greatest Story Never Told – An Epic


Adolph Hitler, the Greatest Story Never Told is truly an epic. At 6.5 hours in length, the time to research and package the project took quite a bit more at a bit over 3.5 years. In order to get through the gauntlet of official and unofficial Jewish censors, the project was originally broken down into 15 minute segments, primarily due also to the technological constraints of Youtube at the time of the projects inception.

According to Dennis Wise, the primary reason for putting the project into motion was a result of his father who, while Dennis was still a young child, sat him down and had a “heart to heart” talk about the reality of just what was Adolph Hitler, National Socialism, and the less visible reality of just what was “World War II”.

Beginning with Hitler’s youth and on into World War I, Versaille and Weimar Germany, the rise of National Socialism, and then into World War II, Dennis Wise methodically places much of the history of Adolph Hitler and with it, the German people of that generation, into a wide eyed mind number clarity.

Extensive Positive Reviews for “Adolph Hitler: The Greatest Story Never Told”


What is becoming increasingly clear is that to issues we face today have much of their roots in Hitler and World War II. The fascination with Hitler portrayed by Jewish organizations, be it media, political, or social, hints that there is far more to the man known as “Adolph Hitler” than Jews wish to put forward in the cultural fabrications that Jews wish to present us with.

This growing awareness is, to date, a fringe open awareness and a growing subconcious awareness. People understand when reality as being presented is “false”, and this reality and awareness magnifies when “truth”, or something that is far closer akin to truth, begins to seep into the narrative.

Consequently, as people are able to view this epic work, the reviews, predictably, are positive,

From IMDb,

…this film is totally amazing and should be shown in ALL schools, a one sided lie of history has been taught too long now,this film truly opens your eyes and exposes the Jewish theft of Money,Art and MINDS of those they continue to brainwash with a lie for blood money, the horror of Dresden and the venom of Ilya Ehrenburg to order the rape and murder of German CHILDREN and Women, lets you know the nature of the vermin

– marceline69

Every citizen of the world needs to see this documentary. My warmest thanks goes to Dennis Wise & the TGSNT Team.

– Alexander Paulson

Watching this documentary gave me a roller-coaster ride of emotions that I would never have expected. Shock, disbelief, sadness and finally anger, with untold incredible revelations throughout, all sourced in Part 26. I never thought I would ever watch a documentary that would change my whole opinion about Adolf Hitler and World War two. There were many sad parts and yes I admit I cried at times. The saddest being the tragic position Magda Goebbels found herself in and how she has been portrayed since. I felt most anger at the way we have been deceived both then and today, as I can see how the same deceitful tactics are used on every new generation. This is a documentary of epic proportions both musically and visually. A real eye opener, which dismantled all the war films and documentaries I have ever watched. Highly recommended.

The video is highly regarded for both its visual and musical presentation.

So Controversial, It’s Banned!


Adolph Hitler: The Greatest Story Never Told is so “controversial”, it has been “banned” from Youtube. Now I will digress a bit, but the very idea of a mass market medium like Youtube being used by clearly unseen, cowardly individuals who seek to impose their views of reality onto the rest of us seems a bit “treasonous” to we, the people of this planet – but that is how it works in a Jewish world.

Uncomfortable realities are better left “swept under the carpet” and “out of sight and out of mind”. Better to live in a world of delusion and lunacy that to have facts and knowledge and base ones opinions and decisions from an informed position.

However, thanks to plethora of available technology resources, “Adolph Hitler: The Greatest Story Never Told” is available in either DVD or streaming sources.

For more information regarding this epic work, visit Dennis Wise’s website at The Greatest Story Never Told

Putting Adolph Hitler into a contemporary light, the parallels between Vladimir Putin and Adolph Hitler were discussed, and how the dangers inherent in the assaults against Putin and Russia mirror the tragedies that faced Hitler and the German people and all of Europe.

The same people behind the War on Hitler and Germany are now working over time to bring war to Putin and Russia and we in the West should be wide eyed and aware.

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