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Easter 2017 and the Winds of Chaos – ITEL – 4.15.17

Easter weekend show featured a little look into Christian demographics in the Middle East followed by a short segment on the fallout of the previous week’s missile attack on Syrian government assets on the Syrian Shayrat Air Base by the United States. The subsequent dropping of a MOAB ordinance in the hinterlands of Afghanistan, followed by the ramping up of nerves on the Korean peninsula filled out a view on ongoing geopolitical risks being taken by #POTUS Trump.

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson’s rather futile trip to Moscow to meet with Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov while Tillerson scolded his host in an vain attempt to sell the fake news story of the Syrian government allegedly attacking its own citizens with sarin gas.

We then discussed the troubling developments in the Trump presidency where Trump’s campaign rhetoric has taken a near 180 turn over the past couple weeks, wherein it is beginning to appear that Trump is a bait and switch sell-out to Jewish driven geopolitical agendas.

Jewish Israeli firsters made their way into the discussion as we discussed the prevalence of Jews to lobby for war in a manner that subjugates American interests to Jewish/Israeli interests, while trying to inculcate the belief that Jewish Likudniks are strategic allies to western Nationalists.

The show closed with a guest appearance by Andrew Carrington Hitchcock where we discussed the rise of Jewish power and its disastrous influence in the political realm.

You can hear the entire show here:

ITEL Radio Full Show – 4.15.17