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Egypt in Turmoil: A Political Analysis


One maxim of politics is that “nothing happens without a reason”. Another, more hidden maxim, is that politics, and hence politicians and the legions that support them, being a part of the art of deception, are quite skilled at what they do. Consequently, to penetrate the reality of what drives political events is often a challenging and error ridden venture.

This article, and its analysis, is no different: after all, unless you “know”, you really do not “know”. Hence, the best we can do is put together and informed series of speculations purely with the intent

Egypt and the Arab Spring in Context

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By now, it has been firmly established that the “Arab Spring” is a manufactured political reality formulated by “geopolitically inept foreign policy crackheads” known as “the Neocons” Their strategy was to create a unipolar world in which American full spectrum dominance held sway. To accomplish this, these naive and smug “arm chair generals” saw an opportunity to use military force to depose intransigent “regimes” as Iraq, Libya, and Syria, and where possible, utilize American dominance in media assets to create change through “force multipliers” known as “social media”.

It is the weapon known as “social media” through which the Jewish run State Department would mobilize the more educated and enfranchised masses to “take to the streets to demand change”. Little did they know that “change” was simply a method to drive these populations into the mouth of a waiting dragon.

For Egypt, as Tunisia, each country was being run by elder autocrats. There was going to be a need for a replace soon relative to Mubarek, so an engineered revolution was a desired “shaping of the environment” that would fit the bill.

But Egypt was not the prize. Libya was. Rich in oil and boasting a standard of living that made the rapidly imploding Jewish run America appear “third worldish”, the failure of Gaddaffi to sign up for Jewish/Rothschildian “usery” via a “central bank” aligned with London made for an unacceptable geopolitical reality.

Thus Libya, and other other countries as Syria, Yemen, Sudan, Iraq, and Iran have been on America’s hit wish list since the early 1990’s. In order to better arm proxy fighters to take out Libya, it would be necessary to remove Egypt and Tunisia, two countries that border Libya, and thus in the ensuing chaos, use the vast stretches of desert frontier to smuggle arms and fighters into Libya.


With the fall of Egypt, it was a given that the Muslim Brotherhood would rise to rule any “democratic” process, yet at best, the Muslim Brotherhood has always been a large and yet fringe, or minority party, boasting no better than 20% within Egypt.

As the Muslim Brotherhood came to power, it clearly alienated much of Egyptian society through its power grabs and its subtle and yet oppressive attempts to imprint “Islamic values” on the larger secular leaning Egyptian population.

By all estimations, gleaned from rational observations, the plan seemed to have been to use the Muslim Brotherhood as the political structure upon which to “impose” democracy on those countries that had fallen to “the Arab Spring”. This can be observed through the massive subsidies handed out by Qatar to the Muslim Brotherhood.

In Tunisia, the Muslim Brotherhood rules the country in a coalition with two secular parties, while in Egypt, the Muslim Brotherhood rise to power resulted in an attempted “constitutional coup” that would have blocked or choked out a majority of avenues for Egypt’s larger, and more secular, population.

It is Qatar, armed with money and the international superstar media outlet “Al Jazeera”, a media unit that many are viewing as simply a mouth piece of the Muslim Brotherhood, that has been most active in the varying “Arab Spring” regime changes.


It is in Qatar where one may find the largest US intelligence gathering operation outside of the United States.

Egypt – The Counter Revolution


What was clear to most Egyptians was that the political foundation being put down by the Muslim Brotherhood for Egypt was going to result in an economic implosion for many if not most Egyptians, the educated enfranchised younger generation and business class. This same reality is rapidly coming into focus in Tunisia, also, a country that has seen a targeted assassinations of non Muslim Brotherhood opposition leaders.

Tunisia, to date, has spared the bloodshed, while Egypt has been plunged into a rapid escalation between militant wings of the Muslim Brotherhood and the Egyptian Army.

On the Egyptian issue, some have postulated the idea that whether MB Morsi was in power or the Egyptian Army, it mattered little to the United States because if MB Morsi was in power, this supported US interests aggregated in Qatar, and if the Egyptian Army came back to power, this would benefit and be supported by more traditional wings of the Unites States intelligence and armed forces in Washington.


The former could be seen as being the new age team, the ones that work largely by and for Jewish interests, while the latter could be viewed as those groups that are still working for Jewish interests, but still maintain elements of organizational structure that seeks to put American interests first.

The loss of the Muslim Brotherhood greatly harmed the interests of those working with and out of Qatar. Consequently, “Insane McCain” was dispatched to try to shape events back towards the Qatar clique. McCain, however, is hardly a statesman. Worse, he is ideologically (hence an “idiot”) and was way in over his head upon his arrival in Egypt to “negotiate a return” of the Muslim Brotherhood and ousted President Morsi back into power.

However, armed with nearly US$12 billion in hard cash and pledges from the Gulf Region with Saudi Arabia as a lead financial supporter, the Egyptian Army clearly had little to no interest in listening to what they termed “a senile old man” coming to lecture Egyptians as to the political realities on the ground in Egypt.


The Muslim Brotherhood Seeks to Implode Egypt


The events of August 14, 2013 cannot be so clearly shaped, for politics is not purely “black and white”.

To begin, the protestors did not have the backing of the Egyptian people. The protestors were largely a political showing of Muslim Brotherhood street force. Muslim Brotherhood political and street force had already been rejected by a vast majority of Egyptians, so the protests and protestors were seen as largely an attempt to deny and reverse political realities within Egypt.

Worse. Many of them were seen as hooligans and ruffians or worse.

Numerous reports filtered out about MB gangs beating up anyone who intimated they supported the Army. Christian neighborhoods and specifically targeted in what was really an overt war on the Christian minority that before was being waged much more covertly.

Nuns were being reported to have been captured and paraded through the streets as “prisoners of war”. Nearly 30 churches were torched after being ransacked. Christian businesses were ransacked. Museums are vandalized and ransacked.


In short, Egyptians largely wanted to the MB protestors removed for the chaos and economic harm they were bringing to everyone.

The Egyptian Army moved.

Within a few hours, 43 police and security forces were shot dead. A tactic used by the MB was to fire from within large crowds, a tactic that clearly was intended to create maximum casualties through the use of mass human shields.

Videos of “crisis actors” staging early protests and being harmed surfaced in the hands of Israeli operatives and were released on Youtube and LiveLeak. THis video proved to not be needed as the carnage of the initial and subsequent battles between the MB and the Egyptian Army and security forces led to nearly 500 dead. Some reports at morgues stated that as many as 25 deaths at essentially the same time were accomplished by sniper head shots.

This was the same strategy used to essentially start the Syrian bloodshed.

In this manner we see a mirror of strategies used to inflame Syria, and so we cannot rule out foreign intervention with the express purpose to send Egypt into a civil war.

Converging Interests in Sinai


An interesting side note is that although the MB is seen as a defacto operating arm of the Qatar branch of US/Israeli intelligence, the rise of the MB put stress some stress on Israel’s southern border. However, the militants in Sinai were being used to target Egyptian interests in Sinai and specifically had wages some successful attacks against the military which the then President Morsi sought to trivialize.

At present, Hamas exuberance for the MB as well as it support for the takfiri fighters fighting against the Syrian government have cost Hamas dearly.

Hamas is being viewed by the Egyptian military as an extension of the MB, which at some levels this holds true. Consequently, the Egyptian military and Israel appear to be cooperating on issues in the Sinai in a converging mutual interest that targets a mutual enemy.

For now, we can only observe and listen in the hopes of really penetrating the real agenda and forces at work in Egypt.

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