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Eric Karlstrom – Electronic Gangstalking – 7.22.17

The world of criminal electronic mind control and gang-stalking was discussed by retired California State University, Stanislau professor, Dr. Erik Karlstrom. Eric runs a number of websites, a couple of which are dedicated to exposing efforts to create a “one world government”: Gang Stalking Mind Control Cults, and 911NWO.

Gang Stalking and Electronic Harassment 

The discussion began with a brief historical reference, whereby Allen Dulles of the CIA discussed mind control and thought control as early as 1953. Even before then, media elites and allied government “consumers” had discerned that media could be used as a means to influence and sway public opinion for any purpose desired. That such was true was evident in the 1930’s radio program about an alien invasion of planet Earth. Still, the use of media was already well advanced in being appropriated for political agendas long before the development of electronic media forms, so it was a natural development that “elites” would seek to integrate the developing electronic media sphere into their “human control grid”.

Not soon after Dulles speech to the Ivy League in 1953, Project Monarch and MK Ultra were funded and cowardly experimentation on unwitting or enslaved citizens soon began.

Project Phoenix and the Vietnam War

Eric went on to discuss the CIA’s Phoenix Program, which was put into play to fight “counter insurgency” during the Vietnam War. Eric went on to explain that the Phoenix Program laid the ground work for the modern day “War on Terror” and the many institutions now available to “the government” for the purposes of exploiting and projecting a “war on terror”, including such institutions as the Department of Homeland Security, among other assets.

There was quite a bit to this interview, including information about direct targeting of American citizens through the use of gang stalking and electronic “non-lethal” weapons. The interview is available here:

ITEL Radio Interview – Eric Karlstrom – 7.22.17

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