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Euro Folk Radio Simulcasts Inside the Eye – Live!

Inside the Eye – Live!, Saturday mornings hottest “streaming media political talk show”, agreed to a simulcast deal for the end of March, 2016. On March 19 and March 26, 2016, Euro Folk Radiowill simulcast the full 3 hours of Inside the Eye – Live! Inside the Eye – Live! welcomes listeners from Euro Folk Radio and hopes everyone enjoys “3 hours of Intelligent Media for the Politically Aware”.

Euro Folk Radio – A Voice for European People Worldwide


Euro Folk Radio presents itself as a platform for promoting European-centric points of view. Although the platform is strongly identified with “Christian Identity”, the platform seeks to present a wide array of views from people sympathetic to the plight of Europe and Europeans in general.

From the Euro Folk Radio site:

We support all pro-White groups who are opposed to the Talmudic, Zionist, bankster empire of Mystery Babylon, also known as the New World Order and the United Nations Organization. It is extremely important that all Whites, the world over, Christian or non-Christian, recognize that Talmudic Judaism’s international stranglehold on media, banking, politics, economics, the press, etc. must be opposed by all lovers of truth.

With such an editorial focus, Euro Folk Radio should find Inside the Eye – Live! a refreshing and welcome show and we look forward to introducing Inside the Eye – Live! to the listeners of Euro Folk Radio.

Inside the Eye – Live! will follow Paster Eli Manning’s “Restoration Hour”, which streams at Revolution Radio from 8:00am – 10:00am EDT.

More about Euro Folk Radio here.