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European Referendums and Elections – ITEL Radio – 12.3.16

Inside the Eye-Live! for Saturday, December 3, 2016, discussed some recent insights and perspectives from discussions of US politics within Saudi upper strata society discussions.

The show then moved on to discuss the Italian constitutional referendum where Italian voters are essentially being tasked to vote on whether to grant near dictatorial powers to their Prime Minister Renzi. If the constitutional referendum fails, Prime Minister Renzi has stated he will resign. At stake in this referendum is the rise of the populist party M5S, or Five Star Movement. The M5S is soft on immigration, but is strong in Euro skepticism. M5S has promised a referendum on exiting the Euro if they can come to some position of parliamentary dominance.


In hour 3, we discussed the Presidential election efforts in Austria where the “far right”, or nationalist party FPO. The FPO candidate, Hofer, has already won an election run-off in May, but courts annulled that vote out of concern for voter fraud vis-a-vis the handling of absentee votes received via Austria’s postal service. Additional problems with Austria’s postal service caused an additional delay in the 3rd attempt at holding the election in October.

Since all of these delays, there has been major changes in the global political landscape. Notably, the rise of Donald Trump and anger at the failures of Jews and their push to impose “multiculturalism and political Marxism” on host populations. Anger has risen, and Hofer is expected to exit this election victorious over his leftist challenger, van der Bellen.

If Hofer comes to power, he will be the first “right wing” President since the fall of National Socialist Germany, a reality that hints at the power that Jews have cast over Europe and the stranglehold they have held on European politics.

This Austrian election really is all about immigration, an agenda that Jews have used viciously to assault native Europeans.

You can hear the entire interview here:

ITEL Radio Full Show – 12.3.16