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Europe’s Immigration Crisis, UK’s Pedo Scandals – ITEL Radio – 4.25.15

Inside the Eye – Live! for Saturday, April 25, 2015, delved into the growing immigration problem facing Europe, as well as covering such topics as Russian attempts to commemorate the end of WWII and the every growing, ever stalling “pedo scandal” that always seems a file or two away from exposing pure evil at the very pinnacles of power within United Kingdom/London politics.

“The Night Wolves” – Putin’s Personal Biker Gang


In the ongoing spat between America’s Jewish controlled foreign policy apparatus and Russia, perhaps the pedantic silliness of Jewish power can best be viewed in the way in which Jews will seek to “boycott” or “sanction” people: the “boycott” or “sanction” is often the equivalent of a schoolyard bully telling people that they want to take their ball and go home because people are not playing by the rules demanded of by the bully.

One such example of Jewish pedantic bullying is the imposition of sanctions against a biker gang. You heard that right. A biker gang.

No. This is not your ordinary biker gang, although in truth is is pretty much like many of the biker gangs that form clubs around the world. This biker is none other than “The Night Wolves”, a biker gang that President Putin of Russia is a member.

The United States applied sanctions against the Night Wolves after it was reported that members had “served in an armed group in Ukraine and took part in storming a natural gas facility and the naval headquarters in Sevastopol,” in Crimea, according to a Telegraph report from December 2014. Canada added Zaldostanov, known as the Surgeon because of his profession before becoming a full-time Night Wolf, to its sanctions list in February this year. – source, IB Times

Of course they did! The silliness and childish Jewish behavior should be laughed at and shunned concurrently, but these people have power.

Now, with the 70th anniversary of the end of World War II, the Night Wolves would like to retrace the paths of the Red Army and lay wreathes and other forms of commemoration to their fallen soldiers along the way.

“We’d be asking for trouble by allowing these Russian terrorists to travel through Poland,” Bartosz Kramek, a spokesman for the Open Dialog Foundation, a left-leaning Warsaw-based think tank, told Bloomberg earlier this month. “It won’t be right for moral reasons due to our solidarity with Ukraine as well as politically, as this could provoke actions that would then be used by the Putin propaganda machine.”

So Germany, and Poland, are seeking to revoke any visas and block the parade, because of solidarity with Ukrainians who just this week were found to have burned people alive at the stake.

It is not enough, it seems, that Western political organs appear out of touch with reality. These same Western political organs seem intent to impress with their blatant insults and assaults on the language that create realities that only exist in their ever twisted and demented minds.

The Kalergi Plan and Europe’s Immigration Nightmare


We often here from supporters of unmitigated “immigration” that unmitigated immigration is acceptable because, well, “the White man genocided the brown people”. Never mind that in our “White” way of thinking, Indians were always considered their own “race” of “Red Skin”, hence “Washington Redskins”, these same apologists for unmitigated immigration certainly do not take into account the difficulties that “White” colonizers lived through in order to make the journey across the Atlantic.

To begin, one did not just get up and leave for “the New World”, the process to leave was often tedious, filled with enormous layers of red tape that would permit one to “pass through the port” of exit. Once all this was accomplished, the trips had to be planned, to include all manner of supplies, including livestock, that could be put to use in establishing the new outpost.

Not all outposts survived, being lost forever with all inhabitants.

Later, as migration increased, those making it to the New World often were sold into a form of indentured service to pay for their passage. Untold families were wrought apart.

Upon one’s arrival, one may have had to deal with hostile native peoples who attacked the new arrivals. Oftentimes, casualties were in excess of 50%. At the very outset of European migration, there was no housing, crops, livestock – anything. Everything had to be built from the ground up.

The point here is that “White migration” was a very tedious, planned, and dangerous affair – success was never guaranteed.

Fast forward to Europe, 2015, and we see that African nations are, in a not so subtle effort, simply invading Europe, and doing so in as chaotic a manner as possible.


In the end, all of the “de-whitification” of Europe, in all its varied forms and efforts, can be traced back to a plan put forward as The Coudenhove-Kalergi Plan, which calls for the destruction of White Europe into a hodgepodge of mixed race “sub-humans” ruled over by a gilded Elite.

The Pedo-files: London and UK’s Sordid Reality


What is becoming increasingly clear is that London/UK is being run by what can only be viewed as a form of shear evil that involves itself at its very core with the practice of pedophilia. Indeed, there seems to be two primary themes coming out of the UK: 1) an undying allegiance to Israel and 2) a set of bonding rituals that revolves around the sexual exploitation of children, primarily boys, to include the occasional child sacrifice.

The entire project clearly is being covered up. In July of 2014, it was reported that 114 files went missing, as if files could actually go missing and no one would be in a position to be held accountable for the loss.

Inside the Eye – Live! touches on this issue and much much more! You can hear the entire show here:

Inside the Eye – Live! Full Show – 4.25.15