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EU’s Threats toward USA – ITEL – 3.4.17

Inside the Eye – Live! for Saturday, March 4, 2017 returned to discussing some of the latest developments in the geopolitical sphere with the show ending in a flurry of listener calls to close out the show.

In hour #1, we looked at the recent “soft declaration of war” by the European Union towards the United States.  This development comes about in the referendum passed in the European Union parliament which calls for an end for the visa free environment shared between the United States and most of Europe.  Apparently, the United States has refused to open up visa free travel for citizens of Poland, Bulgaria, Croatia, and Cyprus.  Because of this, the European Union wants to block all visa free travel to Europe by United States citizens in a move that would impose EU sovereignty over the United States.

Seems that with the expanding EU, the EU believes that the United States is obligated to “expand” in kind with the EU and allow the United States to become a haven for economic migrants or Jewish sayanim from these countries.

In hour 2, we looked at the absurdity of those conducting “the war on terror”.   Planners and spokespersons supporting the war on terror have failed to ever inform the United States people as to how a Kalashnikov toting hooligan in some backwards dusty central Asian village can ever hope to threaten the United States and its people.

Yet the United States keeps dispatching very expensive and highly trained special operations forces into these backwards towns and villages for reasons really unknown and yet wants the people to wail in unison when one of these spec ops team members is sacrificed for reasons wholly uncommunicated to the people of the United States.

To close the show, we discussed some of the key points to POTUS Trump’s “State of the Union Address”.

All in all, a technically well delivered show, too, which made for a relaxing three hours of intelligent media for the politically aware.

You can hear the entire show here:

ITEL Radio Full Show – 3.4.17