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Facebook and the New Face of Censorship – ITEL PT – 3.22.18

Jews are doing an end run around civil liberties by imposing draconian censorship through their dominant social and digital media positions.  Apparently, through the use of usury, Jews funded their own search and social media platforms such as to ensure that these platforms would gain a market monopoly, and from this market monopoly, Jews have decided to stifle and silence expression and appear to do so in a manner that suggests collusion.

Regardless, it is clear that Facebook is all about corralling opinions and then eliminating those opinions for which Jews do not wish to be heard.  The result is a stifling suffocation of freedom of expression and a burgeoning environment of elementary school idiocy being promulgated as the only socially acceptable for of speech allowed on our Internet Protocol environment.

What is worse is the manner in which Facebook is imposing its own brand of tyranny.

It works sorta like this: a Jewish run legacy publication installs an articles comment section to their digital property using Facebook’s comment for digital media platform.  Comments made to these Jewish run digital properties of legacy and digital media platforms receive comments independent of Facebook, but since Facebook is the comment engine of choice, Facebook then bans users from posting on Facebook even when the comment being left was more accurately being left on a property wholly independent from Facebook.

In this way, Jews are controlling and directing perception management using Facebook as the main mechanism of intellectual terrorism.  Worse, Facebook is banning use of their ubiquitous communications tool, Messenger, effectively cutting off the target from being able to communicate with family through the Facebook platform using a Facebook application that has absolutely nothing to do with accessing comments and timelines.

What is clear is that Facebook as become an enemy of the West, a truly monstrous organization that needs to be regulated without mercy and if necessary, into oblivion – regardless of the harm to pension funds, Jewish managed or not.

As always, lots of kernels of wisdom in this show.

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