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ITEL 7.21.2012 – False Flags and Malicious Media Deceptions

It is no secret that the Jewish state exists purely to perpetuate tyranny and war. It is the nature of their religion and culture. This week, we saw this cultural aversion to perversion on full display with two apparent false flags: a “tourist bus bombing” in Bulgaria, and an assault on moviegoer’s at a theater in Aurora, Colorado.

In each of these seeming tragic incidents may be found seeds that benefit Jewish interests and the State of Israel.

Inside the Eye – Live! dove headlong into these two issues, revealing how Jewish media assets aid and abet the use of false flags to further their global agenda.

You can hear the show here:

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Syrian Government Pressed

Beginning on July 18, 2012, rebel forces were able to explode a bomb where a meeting was being held by the governments crisis management team. Killed in the explosion was the Minister of Defense and leading Christian figure in the Syrian government, Dawood Rajiha; Deputy Defense Minister Assef Shawkat — al-Assad’s brother-in-law; and Hasan Turkmani, al-Assad’s security adviser and assistant vice president, state TV reported.

Interior Minister Ibrahim al-Shaar was among those injured in the blast. He would later succumb from the injuries.

King Abdullah of Jordan said that bombing was a “tremendous blow to the regime“, but cautioned that the event should not be construed as a fatal blow.

In the immediate aftermath, rebel forces, clearly foreign aided, funded, and abetted, struck at numerous locations in Damascus in what appeared to be a “Syrian rebel Tet offensive”.

More troubling is that rebel forces were able to secure 2 of 3 border crossings with Iraq. These crossings are the Rabiya crossing and the Albu Kamal crossing. Syrian rebels also tried to overtake the Nassib border post with Jordan but were repulsed.

Reports from Iraq and Turkey are accusing the rebels, known as the Free Syria Army or the FSA, of summarily executing 22 soldiers after hacking off the arms and legs of their commander at the Rabiya crossing, and of looting and vandalizing trucks owned by Turkish drivers when FSA forces took over the Bab al-Hawa post.

Iraq has closed all border crossings controlled by the FSA and urged all Iraqi’s, estimated to be over 100K, to return to Iraq. There are standing orders to not allow passage to anyone without proper documents, meaning that some Iraqi’s who have lost passports due to the fighting or looting are now unable to gain entrance to Iraq.

Since most goods that Syria requires is entering from Iraq, the closure or capture of the final border crossing would be a crucial blow to Syria as this would choke off all supplies coming into the country.

The United Nations through its Jewish proxy’s, the United States and Great Britain, sought to impose the threat of sanctions on Syria. This resolution was vetoed by Russia and China. On Friday, July 20, 2012, the United Nations managed to approve a 30 day extension of the current 300 UN monitors.

It appears that the Syrian government is on the defensive at time of this writing.

Bulgarian False Flag – Aimed at Iran

On July 19, 2012, we were met with another story that was so manufactured that it was laughable, if not for the tragic consequences had everyone bitten the bait. According to news reports, some Swedish Arab Jihadist and former Guantanamo detainee was able to board a bus filled with Jewish tourists and detonate a bomb, killed 7 and wounded a large number.

The story, however, is so ludicrous that few were really buying into the story. By the second day, even Jewish centric rags were whining about “why the Americans were not willing to blame the Iranians.” The Atlantic Wire even ran an article, “Why Won’t the U.S. Blame Iran for the Bulgaria Bombing?“. The article was filled with uber super sleuth Jewish reporting like,

Surprisingly, the intelligence leaks aren’t even confined to the federal government. In an impressive scoop, Hosenball even received “restricted” police documents from the New York Police Department pinning the blame on the Iranian-backed group.

The documents, labeled “Law Enforcement Sensitive,” said that this week’s suicide bomb attack in Bulgaria was the second plot to be unmasked there this year … Each plot was attributed to Iran or its Lebanese Hezbollah militant allies, said the reports, which were produced following the bombing in Burgas, Bulgaria of a bus carrying Israeli tourists.

Now this is what I call “malicious media manipulation”, or more plainly, a bunch of idiots making things up with the intent to cause as much mayhem as possible. The goal of these authors is nothing short of criminal and treasonous and should be treated as such.

Of course, depending on the sources you were willing to read without laughing at the humor of the ZioNazi Jewish storyline, the bus that was hit was on the tarmac, meaning that the individuals would not have cleared customs yet. The story simply does not stand the common sense smell test. It wreaks of the Jewish dishonest malicious media agenda test.

Jews were so fast to blame the Iranians that it was rumored some heads snapped from the double take as they compared the behavior with other pathological liars – America’s Jewish centric Neocons.

The Aurora, Colorado Shooting

The Aurora “Batman” shooting spree just does not make sense. It clearly appears that this is just another malicious media manipulations, a false flag focused on securing a particular goal in an agenda. What that can be is difficult to ascertain, but the prevalence of talking points subsequent to the event usually gives some clues.

With the UN Agenda on Small Arms treaty coming due within a week or so of the shooting, that sounds like a rational start to focus. Then of course the talking heads speaking about the need for gun control, with the obvious lack of attention to the fact that if that theater had responsible people able and ready to defend with a weapon that the carnage and assault could have been ended long before it played out without defensive guns present.

Then the obvious:

How does a computer geek kid known for role playing computer games and who is collecting unemployment come up with the training and money to acquire some US$25K worth of combat gear?

Make now mistake, this operation was a well funded operation and the shooter, whoever it was as the real shooter was hidden behind a gas mask, is purported to have then peacefully surrendered to authorities…just like the Norwegian “Breivik”.

If you don’t think that there is malicious media manipulation going on, just watch this video where the guy is saying he was hit with shrapnel.  It is laughable.  Two mosquito bites being passed of as actual puncture wounds.  This guys is acting and is a fraud.

You can download this really fast paced and information packed show [here].