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Faux Jewish Patriotism – Sending Americans to Die for Israel – 3.18.17

Inside the Eye – Live! for Saturday, March  18, 2017, began by highlighting the nature of political social media mafias extant on the Net.  In hour 2, Brizer from Ireland came on to discuss the current situation ongoing on in Ireland and the ongoing Jewish banking/political war against the Irish people.  In hour 3, we discussed Geert Wilders in Denmark as well as the larger immigration problems facing Western civilization, to include Turkish calls for a demographic war on the people of Western Europe as Turkey seeks to re-establish domination over Europe in a new Turkish “Ottoman” empire.

Twitter and Militant Ex-Military Jews

If you spend time analyzing Twitter and other social media platforms, what you will find is that, being “social media”, people tend to congregate into recognizable “social units”.  LGBT militancy, pro-Israel advocacy, Jewish/Leftist militancy may all be easily found and identified on Twitter.

One of the more powerful and organized blocks, or mafias, is the ex and current military pro-Israel faction.  Largely led by Jewish individuals and perhaps operatives, it is supplemented by ex and current non-Jewish military personnel who have had contacts with the “state” of Israel vis-a-vis training efforts for and on behalf of the rogue Jewish state.

The views of this block are disturbing and, we must factor, perhaps nothing short of treasonous Israel first fifth column  operatives.  Their primary efforts are to put Israel and Jewish interests first while designating the United States and her military as doting wives to the Jewish “husband”.

These Jews want to “impress” us with their “love of guns” and their desire to intimidate and threaten Americans for daring to “question” their Jewish supremacy.  Not far from the surface is a odorous  sense of entitlement exhibited by Jews who expect to be granted a superior position at the rhetorical table.

Adding more idiocy to injury, we are not supposed to notice that Israel is first and foremost in their hearts and their minds.  America is a cover for selling and advancing war for the benefit of Jews and Jewish interests.

And remember, in the hearts and minds of these Jews, the only American are those that slavishly worship Jews and blindly allow Jews to lead them into one disastrous war after another so that their pet project, Israel, can continue in its rogue, criminal activities.

Brizer from Ireland

In hour 2, Brizer from Ireland came on to discuss the latest environment in the multicultural war being brought by Jews across Western civilization.

Current political awareness, the growing awareness of a slow death to Ireland, the growing reality that Ireland has been plundered after the 2008 economic crisis, and the rumblings of growing political dissent against global Jewish power.

Turkey’s Call for Demographic War on Europe

Denmark’s refusal to allow Turkey’s Prime Minister’s plane landing rights into Denmark saw Turkey’s President Erdogan take to the podium to denounce the Danes as “Not Sees”.  Austria equally cancelled a cultural event seen largely as campaign event for Turkey’s ruling party efforts to install near dictatorial powers for President Erdogan

All of this had Turkey’s leadership fuming, with some members of Turkey’s government threatening to break the current immigration deal between Turkey and the EU, while others were calling to send 15000 invaders per week to Europe as “punishment”.  For his part, President Erdogan called for Turks in Europe to have “not 3 children, but 5 children” in a blatant call to create demographic replacement/displacement of Europe’s native population.

All of this, and quite a bit more, on this weeks edition of Inside the Eye – Live!

ITEL Radio Full Show – 3.18.17