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Forfeiting Free Speech plus Patrick Little – The Little Revolution – ITEL PT – 5.31.18

Inside the Eye – Live! Prime Time! was dominated by a special Hour 1 Interview with Patrick Little, the GOP candidate for the US Senate in the upcoming June 5, 2018 primary.  The winners of the June 5 primary are entitled to face off against each other in the general election vote which is held in November.

Hour two continued on with the theme of Jews stifling free speech in the West and how on a very late “Oy Vey Moment”, the idea that the term “anti-Semitic” is really being used to hide the fact that statements are proving to be “factually correct”.

Patrick Little’s primary theme was a need to face Jewish supremacism and that Jewish supremacism is the primary cause of much of the ills that face America.  The discussion included various platform points that Patrick Little, which boiled down, simply means getting Jews out of positions of power, an idea held by many listeners within the Inside the Eye – Live! audience.

A highly rated show and well worth a listen.  That Patrick Little has been shown to rate as the number 1 GOP candidate and whose talking points have largely mirrored those heard on Inside the Eye – Live! and others states that there appears to be a changing mentality.  It is not time to shy away.

It is time people continue to voice their opinions so that Jewish programming on the masses, powerful as it is, continues to be undermined by a raging current that flows below.

Inside the Eye Live! Prime Time! 5.31.18

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