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Frederick Blackburn, aka “Blackbird9”, guests hosts ITEL Radio – 9.17.16

Frederick C. Blackburn, host of “Blackbird9’s Breakfast Club”, will be guest hosting Inside the Eye – Live! on Saturday, September 17, 2016. This is due to a travel day for “The Fetch”.


Blackbird9 is an NSA whistle blower on Israelis being given access to backdoor US telecommunications grid knowledge and technology as well as the early training to develop internal telco grid spy networks against the American people. He is also a long time 9-11 truth advocate, a former “32 degree Mason”, and a former congressional candidate in N. Carolina. Blackbird9 has also been a long time sponsor of “The ITEL Cat Report“, which appears at the bottom of the first hour, right after the station call for support.

Listen to Blackbird9 and call in! The ITEL Chat Room of course will be available for the show and an archive of the show will appear on this page.


Blackbird9’s Trading Post

You can follow Blackbird9 on Spreaker through links available on Blackbird9’s Trading Post

Show Updates

The show proved to be a largely well produced effort with excellent quality. Frederick provided an in depth historical commentary on this NSA whistle blowing efforts, insights on long game plan that culminated in the operation known as 9-11. Listener participation and a short look into N. Carolina’s “bathroom wars” and the NCAA’s efforts to impose itself into the political debate.

You can hear the entire show here:

ITEL Radio Full Show – 9.17.16