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Frederick C. Blackburn – Asymmetrical Warfare

Frederick C. Blackburn, host of Blackbird9’s Breakfast Club, made a guest appearance during hour number #2 of the January 21, 2017 show. Of the many topics discussed, one core discussion included the alternative media and the proliferation of the alternative media, including Frederick C. Blackburn’s efforts to expand the knowledge base on Talmudic influence influence in the current spiritual paradigm.

The financial crisis of 2007-2008 and the rise of alternative media and its historical influence on this year’s 2017 Presidential Election each represent forms of asymmetrical warfare being employed by opposing forces.

Frederick’s “9 Layer Model of Power Transfer” was also lightly discussed and with it an introduction into Talmudic “Star Chamber Courts” wherein Jews create their own set of laws for themselves and use these laws to tyrannize the non-Jewish population into “compliance” to Jewish driven cultural agendas.

All in all, a really fast paced interview. You can hear the entire interview here:

ITEL Radio Interview – Frederick C. Blackburn 1.21.17

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