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Fredrick Toben, Revisionist Historian on ITEL Radio – 11.2.2013


Dr. Fredrick Toben, revisionist historian and founder (although no longer associated with) the Adelaide Institute, joined Inside the Eye – Live! for a fast and entertaining one hour interview on November 2, 2013. The interview was very relaxed with quite a bit of fun banter, filled as expected with recent developments in the fight against Jewish extremist assault on Western ideals of free speech.

Jews Insult Intelligence by “Defining Holocaust Denial”

Recent developments in the Jewish Shoah Business has Jews using instruments of state as they continue to seek to prove their moral and intellectual bankruptcy with their announcement of new “Holocaust Denial” definitions.

As their preamble begins,

1. The Holocaust (Shoah) fundamentally challenged the foundations of civilization. The unprecedented character of the Holocaust will always hold universal meaning.

The very breadth of the opening paragraph is wholly insulting and offensive to the entire human family. The travails of cultures across the globe have from time to time endured terrible travasties at the hands of tyrants, including the Ukrainian people who suffered nearly 20 million deaths at the hands of Jewish tyrants.

The very issue of a German “holocaust against Jews” remains a subject that Jews have refused to allow for rational and sensible historical discussion. Should these forensic backed rational discussions be allowed, the Holocaust Industry would rapidly digress into the fraud that it is.

And we who are of cultures as Irish would like to ask Jews in the media and education worlds as to why the “Holocausts” endured by the Irish are a “non-issue”.

Who are Jews, really, to impose themselves on our collective positions of reason?

This issue, among many others, are elaborated upon within this informative and entertaining interview.

You can hear the Fredrick Toben interview here:

The entire show, wherein the final hour was lost due to technical issues, may be heard here:

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