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Gaza’s “March of Return” – ITEL Prime Time – 4.5.18

Inside the Eye – Live! Prime Time for April 5, 2018 veered back into the geopolitical arena with stories about the recent mass murder of Palestinians by Jews during the “March of Return” protest in Gaza, US military occupation of Syria, and the about to burst trade war between the United States and China.

The Oy Vey Moment, where supporters of Israel kvetch about what is acceptable to say between Jews within Jewish social norms, completed a great show that included listener calls to close out the show.

Gaza – March of Return Protest

Residents of the Jewish run and managed Gaza Concentration Camp rose en-masse (feature photo above) to march towards the fences that cage the residents.  The peaceful march upon the Gaza border fences was met with cowards from the Israel Defense Forces who, hiding behind berms, were photographed shooting into the crowd, killing 17 and wounding over 1000.  The skirmish also saw Jews use drones to unleash chemical weapons on the crowd below.

At issue is the “Right of Return”, a deeply held political dream of Palestinians to return back to their homes which were long ago stolen after Jews purged Palestine through a brutal campaign of genocide and terror in the formative days of the Talmudic Jewish state.

Tweets from official IDF channels (@IDFSpokesperson) hinted that the murder of Palestinians was purely calculated.  Worse, word is leaking out that Jews have been using “the Devils Bullet”, a round that enters the body and then explodes from within.  Children have been targeted using this weapon.

The US Occupation of Syrian Territory

Further on up the Levant, we discussed the ongoing American occupation of Syria and how reports are beginning to leak out that perhaps American forces are taking more casualties than America’s Jewish media is letting on to.

Stories circulated that POTUS Trump ordered US military commanders to being making plans to phase out American operations in Syria and to plan for a unilateral pullout.  These statements were quickly countermanded with statements that Trump had agreed to keep the United States in Syria for a duration longer in order to “defeat Da’esh”.

China-US Trade War

The rapid escalation of tit for tat tariffs being lobbed back and forth between the United States and China highlighted the perilous nature of global trade in a world that has grown used to “globalism”.

Many Americans believe, and perhaps are not wrong, that “globalism” is and has always been an assault on the industrial wealth and capability of the United States, a gambit by global capital (Jews) to shift wealth from the United States to developing nations under the moral guise of “uplifting and raising the masses from poverty”.

Never mind that the top 1% of the planet contain wealth beyond imagination and even a moderate re-distribution of this wealth could immensely lift people out of poverty and provide the added benefit of pumping money into the economy in a manner that would allow for further economic growth and innovation.

That story, however, is for another day.

Listener calls completed the show.  Hear it here,

Inside the Eye – Live! Prime Time – 4.5.18