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Germany’s Jews Jail a Grandma – ITEL – 5.12.18

The vindictive lust at which Jews use their power to impose their gaslight style reality through force of law highlighted Inside the Eye – Live! for Saturday, May 12, 2018.  Of course, what we are speaking about is the incredibly levels of absurdity within the West wherein (((our own))) governments are clearly so eager to push a Jewish narrative to the detriment of the very people whom a government should theoretically be charged with serving.

Watching governments pander and use its power to silence voices for the benefit of Jews hints at just how deep is Jewish corruption of the Western democratic institutions.

The psychopathic nature of Jews who vandalize their own property to gain sympathy in order to immerse themselves in their own victim mentality, as highlighted by a story coming out of Greece where a series of Jewish headstones were smashed with the word “raus”, a word particularly important and used by Jews to support their holyhoax mentality.

A good show on a first Saturday return after a 3 week hiatus.  You can hear the entire show here.

Inside the Eye – Live! Full Show – 5.12.18