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Global New Year’s Festivities, “Offensive Language” – ITEL Radio – 1.2.2016

Global New Year’s festivities in hour number 1 was followed by a lengthy discussion in hour number 2 regarding word definitions and political framing. Hour 3 continued with more of the same and closed with a flurry of listener calls. A good start to 2016!

Global New Year’s Festivities


The year 2016 was greeted with typical fireworks fare, but a few notable events stood out among the many spectacular shows the world over. Sydney, Australia, started the day with a record breaking US$7 million fireworks spectacular. A few hours later, Dubai in the United Arab Emirates was greeted to an early fireworks display when the Dubai Tower was lit up in flames. It failed to fall in its footprint, despite being virtually fully engulfed for hours, proving once again that buildings built by Indian and Pakistani labor is infinitely higher quality than the garbage put together by American engineers when building the World Trade Center in New York City.


But really, this building’s spectacular immolation proves again that steel structure buildings do not collapse due to fire, and that the events of 9-11 were an act of treason against not just the United States, but humanity at large as the event was used to plunge the world into an ever growing “War on Terror” that Jews have long sought to bring to the world.

And the Jewish “War on Terror” continues to indeed expand, with cities as Paris and Brussels notably missing a traditional ringing in of the New Year, as was also the case for Rochester, New York, cities which were on a form of “New Year’s Celebration Lock Down” due to the total failings of Western security organizations.

Meanwhile, outside of the West, the world continues to celebrate the human experience. Along the beaches of Rio De Janiero in Brazil, Copacobana Beach set a record for the largest single day outdoor party with over 2 million people lining the beaches to ring in the New Year!

“Offensive Speech – Being Offended by those who are Offended”


In the second hour, we looked at particular popular memes that deserve simply to be “de-storied” so as to neutralize them as political weapons, or more, shed light on the way in which words are being used as offensive spells with the express purpose to silence dissent and neutralize any action, whether such action be “proactive offense” or merely exploring the reality behind the crafting of the archetypes.

One of the first is the idea that somehow a whining loser claiming to be “offended” deserves any special rights or respect just through their verbalizing such. To be “offended” means literally nothing. It is WHINING. Raising the act of WHINING to somehow a legal, rational state of being is extremely offensive to Rationalism and Reason.

As the term “I’m offended” is being used today, it’s very utterance is is being used to grant the person making the statement “special rights and privileges”. If is a form of “verbal offense”, or “attack”. It should be assaulted and torn down before it is granted a formal seat in the halls of civilized humanity.

Another term is this idea of linking “Israel” to “Nazism”.

This is another form of projecting the complete barbarity onto a wholly innocent people. What is Jewish has nothing to do with Germans, and what is Israel has everything to do with what it means to be “Jewish”. Israel, by definition, defines the greater whole of what it means to be “a Jew” and “Jewish”. From the book of Exodus to the Talmud, Jewish literature is filled with over flowing examples of a people who are cruel, inhumane, and barbaric.

Israel is not the “new Nazi’s”. Israel represents the return of the ancient primitive barbarians who have been thrown out of 109 countries over 200 times.

Even their “Torah” speaks often of Jews being thrown out BY THEIR OWN GOD!


What is Jewish is Israel and all the vile attributes of Israel is a pure manifestation of the higher levels of Jewish intellectual and spiritual thought.

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