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Governments Tackle Anti-Corruption and Jewish Geopolitical Incompetence – ITEL Prime Time – 11.23.17

Inside the Eye – Live! – Prime Time continued with the theme of Saudi Arabia’s crackdown on internal corruption.  In addition, the show discussed Jewish geopolitical incompetence and its damaging influence on Western and Middle Eastern nations.  The Fetch’s video efforts at the International Conference on Blended Learning hinted at a future “human interest story regarding ‘The Fetch'” as the video editing completes and the story of the International Conference on Blended Learning is brought to the public through interview efforts of “The Fetch”.

The International Conference on Blended Learning

“The Fetch” collaborated with the video digital production team from Saudi Electronic University in Riyadh while covering the first International Conference on Blended Learning, and event that was organized by Saudi Electronic University under the patronage of His Excellency, the Minister of Education, Ahmed Al-Issa.  The event, the first of its kind in the Middle East, brought together over 1500 delegates and attendees from 10 countries, including the United States, Kuwait, Pakistan, and Malaysia.

The Fetch took a leading role in conducting interviews of key note speakers, panelists, and leaders of workshops as well as of some who submitted scientific papers on the evolving field of distance and blended learning.

Saudi Arabia’s Continuing Crackdown on Internal Corruption

The Fetch continued efforts to explain some of the internal dynamics relative to the ongoing purge of elements within senior royal ranks and business leaders within Saudi Arabia.  The reality that King Salman, with his son, Crown Prince Mohammed, to be able to take out some of the leading business and royal family members with virtually no protest or backlash reveals quite a remarkable transformation ongoing in Saudi Arabia as previous royal decrees designed to stifle investigation have been completely swept aside and independent investigative agencies are being given full legal authority to tackle corruption in a way that is quite remarkable and equally unheard of within the Middle East.

Parallels to the United States and the West, managed and run largely by a Jewish centric elite, shows a fascinating disconnect within Western societies that manifestly refuse to tackle corruption of elite elements compared to the sweeping efforts to tackle corruption which we are witnessing in Saudi Arabia.

Jewish Geopolitical Incompetence

To close out the final hour, the Fetch discussed the ongoing problems in the Middle East which, by and large, remain due to complete incompetence (and criminal) actions by America’s foreign policy establishment which, by and large, is run by and for Jewish (Israeli) interests.

The idiocy within which Jews handed Iraq to Iran, the idiocy wherein Jews provided full cover to enable Iran to enter into Syria, the idiocy within which Jews sought to use their “uni-polar power” to dominate the direction of Arab nations such that these nations found themselves torn apart due to international sanctions. as well as internal and external assaults organized largely through NGO’s with links to Jewish globalist projects, all bring to the fore the reality that the primary enemy of nearly every nation remains the Jewish state as it is and remains Jewish over calculation and incompetence that has created the very conditions that now (appear to) threaten the national interests of virtually every nation.

Ironically (or perhaps not), such threats now extend the Jewish state itself as it whines about the ever encroaching reality of militias forming on the borders of Israel with the express intent to throw out the illegal occupying forces of the Jewish state.

All of this and more packed into a Thanksgiving 2017 live show special.  Definitely worth a listen and available here:

Inside the Eye – Live! – Prime Time! – 11.23.17