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Graham Hart – Inside the Eye – Live! – Prime Time! – 10.26.17

Graham Hart, host of “The Graham Hart Show” on Cornwall Revolution Radio, appeared on Inside the Eye – Live! – Prime Time!, Thursday, October 26, 2017.  The show started out like a pretty normal show, with discussions of importance to Europeans.  The assault on Western Civilization, “White Genocide”, Islamic encroachment into traditional Western Christian nations, the ever pervasive “hand-out” mentality of “migrants” all filled the hour appearance.

The show ended in a very rare fit of humor as both “The Fetch” and Graham Hart essentially “lost it”, ending the show in a classic “behind the mic” “giggle fest”.  If you have ever tried to record something and just could not stop laughing, that is precisely what happened here.

Guaranteed to bring a smile to your face.  Enjoy as the veneer falls away and a glimpse of another “Fetch” appears from behind the microphone!

ITEL Radio Interview – Graham Hart – 10.26.17

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