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Graham Hart – The Alison Chabloz Verdict – 5.26.18

Graham Hart, host of “The Graham Hart Show”, joined Inside the Eye – Live! to discuss the guilty verdict given to Alison Chabloz who was found guilty of a “sending” audio files using the Internet (Youtube).  The truth is, none of this actually happened nor did the court even determine what precisely is “sending” an audio file using the Internet, let alone as to what really was wrong with the audio file that was sent.

The real issue, which was discussed at length, is that Jews are using the Chabloz case to set a precedent to destroy free speech in the United Kingdom and to make it make it easy for Jews to begin to assault through the courts ANY form of factual reporting on World War II.

The interview covered two complete hours and was interlaced with multiple calls, some humor, indignation, and quite a bit more.

This show is definitely worth a listen.

ITEL Radio Interview – Graham Hart – 5.26.18