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Greg Johnson, Editor in Chief, Counter Currents on ITEL Radio – 11.22.14

Greg Johnson, the Editor in Chief of Counter Currents, appeared on Inside the Eye – Live! on November 22, 2014. The interview was very relaxed as Greg expounded on Counter Currents, “metapolitics”, and potential solutions to a more harmonious future for people of White ethnicity.

Counter Currents – A Solid Platform for the Discussion of Ethnic White Issues


To begin the show, we discussed with Greg the current status of Counter Currents as a web property and a publishing entity. Greg revealed that Counter Currents is down from its peak around the Presidential Election of 2012, but that all in all, Counter Currents is doing well.

Greg revealed that Counter Currents is a legal business entity. It is a publishing company with a core editorial focus on “metapolitics”, or the ideological efforts to create political realities and possibilities. It has approximately 20 books published under the Counter Currents title. A fund raising effort over the Summer resulted in over US$40K in raised funds.

As regards Counter Currents, the web property, Greg revealed that Counter Currents has a core base of about 40K readers and approximately 90K unique visitors per month. Further, in a complaint that is becoming more and more heard, Greg mentioned how it seems as if Counter Currents from time to time “gets Googled”, in a negative sense, meaning that Google appears to throttle back clicks available through search queries.

Greg also revealed that Counter Currents has become self sustaining, allowing Greg to earn his living through the efforts of Counter Currents, and as such, Counter Currents in such a light can only be viewed as a resounding success.

The Totality of “Metapolitics” – The Politics of the Possible


At the core of Counter Currents efforts is the espousing the idea of “metapolitics” in the recognition that politics is the art of what is possible. In this light, we discussed the unique synergy of those who are sympathetic to the thoughts and ideas within the White “ethnic centric” political interests and those who consider themselves “the core” of White ethnic political interests, or “White Nationalists”.

Greg put forward that for White people in general, there is an ongoing effort to destroy the White race in totality, and that there are many causes for this, including loss of habitat, “hybridization”, among other factors.

But at the core of White or European ethnic political action, Greg mentioned that “Whites” fail to take their own side in what is purely a “race war” among all ethnic groups, and that a failure to take one’s own side is a decision to lose in that war. But loss in such a war really means “death”, or a destruction of one’s race.

Worse, Greg reveals the reality that Whites are being naive if they believe that by supporting unbridled immigration and handing over “White institutions” to non Whites who, largely, hate whites, are going to somehow thrive and grow in such conditions.

Hence, where we see that Jews have largely come to control lands where Whites are majorities, the fact that Jews hate Whites is precisely why we see Jewish political agendas that seek to foist unbridled immigration onto lands traditionally people by White people.

Time for the Races to Divorce?


Greg discussed at the length the idea that it is time for Whites to “divorce themselves” from the other races. This is what is at the core of White Nationalism.

What this means is that it is time to begin discussing the reality of creating “White homelands”, which includes areas within the continental United States and Canada. In order to achieve an ethnically homogenous state, one idea put forward by Greg is this idea of “coaxing” people to move through the use of economic incentives.

As Greg described, internal “emigration” occurs all the time due to “economic greed”. When people move from one part of the country in search of economic gain, or move because of loss of economic viability within a certain market due to cost of living issues, etc., these are all forms of mass migrations.

Under these conditions, no one bothers to complain nor worry about the mass emigrations occurring all the time, and through a careful exploiting of such “economic greed”, Greg believes that homogenous homelands can be created relatively painlessly over a 50 year period.

This was a good interview for everyone who is interested in thoughts and philosophies at the leading edge of “White metapolitics”.

You can hear the entire interview here:

ITEL Radio Interview – Greg Johnson – 11.22.14

Inside the Eye Live! for November 22, 2014


The balance of the show included a breakdown of the latest massive storm to hit Buffalo, NY, as well as updates on Vice President Biden’s appearance in Kiev. In hour 2, Denis Rancourt appears to discuss his difficulties in dealing with the Israeli Lobby and his ongoing legal battles to defend the right to freedom of speech on University campuses.

You can hear the entire show here:

ITEL Radio full show – 11.22.14