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Grenfell Fire Disaster – Latest (with Graham Hart) – 6.24.17

Graham Hart joined Inside the Eye – Live! at the bottom of hour #2 to discuss some of the latest revelations from the Grenfell Tower Fire in West London. The Grenfell Fire was a catastrophic fire that occurred in a 24 story high rise that had been retrofitted with highly flammable cladding material. The building is purported to have housed over 500 people for which the vast majority remain unknown, unaccounted for, and presumed dead.

The fire is unique in that it highlights what appears to be massive corruption criminal conspiracy by the UK government, local housing councils, real estate development/construction companies, and the Jewish controlled media, which has shown itself to be very helpful in efforts to cover-up the immensity of the tragedy.

There is much to this story that simply does not “add up”, and the people are not buying the sales job Jewish media is seeking to sell. And, considering that the Grenfell Tower lit up like a Roman Candle in less than 15 minutes and was engulfed in flames while surrounded by highly flammable material, the story highlights the incredible cover-up and ineptitude of American intelligence services to root out the treason that was 9-11.

A short, insightful interview that can be heard here:

ITEL Radio Interview – Graham Hart – 6.24/17