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Guest Host – Frederick C. Blackburn (Blackbird 9) – ITEL – 12.23.17

Frederick C. Blackburn, aka “Blackbird 9”, took over the reigns of Inside the Eye – Live! for Saturday, 12.23.17.  In what was a Christmas Eve “Eve” show, Blackbird 9 the recent commutation of the sentence of Sholom Rubashkin, the notorious Chabad operative who ran a meth lab from what was, at the time, the largest kosher slaughterhouse in the United States.

In hour 2, Frederick was joined by Karin Smith, host of the former show “Radio Free South Africa”, to discuss some o the latest developments in South Africa, including the ongoing war and genocide of White South African farmers and the pending announcement of a new country headed by the indigenous tribes of S. Africa, a group distinctly different from the militant and equally invader Zulu and other tribes that make up the backbone of the ANC and competing anti-White political parties that dominate current S. African national politics.

In hour 3, Frederick gave some  historical context of where Inside the Eye – Live! fit within the landscape of the alternative media as well as a brief wrap-up of some events of 2017.

You can hear the show here:

Inside the Eye – Live! Full Show – 12.23.17


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