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Guest Sencha MacRae

Sencha MacRae from Untold Tales appeared for a short spell on Inside the Eye – Live! on Saturday, April 28, 2018.  The show was guest hosted by Frederick C. Blackburn, aka “Blackburn 9” from Blackburn 9’s Breakfast Club.  Topics of discussion included the “third world-ification” of Western nations wherein we find that as Western cities become less and less “Western”, the quality of life of these cities falls further and further into states of decay and cultural norms far removed from traditional Western pervue.

Sencha went on to discuss the reality that cultural expressions are no longer controlled by the culture being portrayed.  In its place, Jews import actors from New York or California rather than hire actors locally.  The result is that stories are told with an overbearing “unreality” as brainwashed Jews are often put into acting roles where the tone of the character takes on the tone of “angry, victimized Jew” rather presenting the audience with a more grounded sense of reality should an actor or actress from the host culture be cast to play the role within the culture being presented.

To close out the segment, Sencha and Frederic discussed some of the history of S. Africa and how White S. Africans have been cast as being “vicious racists” when the reality was that White run S. Africa was an economic driver that brought many blacks out of poverty and sought to maintain S. Africa as a rich and powerful nation on the S. African continent.

The full interview can be heard here:

ITEL Radio Interview – Sencha MacRae – 4.26.18

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