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Hajje Stampede, VW Emissions Scandal – ITEL Radio – 9.26.15

The Hajje Stampede of 2015, Syrian insights, and the VW emissions scandal filled much of the air time for Inside the Eye – Live for September 26, 2015. The show, broadcast from Jordan, completed with extensive listener participation/call-in, making for an entertaining, fast paced show.

The Hajje Stampede of 2015


The Hajje Pilgrimage for 2015 proved to be a deadly year for Saudi Arabia as the pre-Hajje crane accident of a month before was followed by a massive stampede during the first day of the 2015 Hajje pilgrimage. The stampede has killed an official 769 people according to Saudi authorities, however; foreign governments have put the death toll at near 1849 people based on an aggregate survey of foreign governments. Additional hundreds remain missing or unaccounted for.

Inside the Eye – Live! for September 26 detailed the 2015 Hajje Stampede as well as provided some historical perspective of previous Hajje disasters.

The VW Emissions Scandal


Inside the Eye – Live! then looked into the Volkswagon “emmission scandal” in the United States, where Volkswagon is accused of using software to deliberately seek to fool vehicle emission’s monitoring and certification facilities into passing VW vehicles as being in compliant with US Federal and State emissions standards.

With potential fines in the US$10’s of billions, the scandal cost Volkswagon their CEO as well as trust within some of the general public. However, competing opinions see a conspiracy of blackmail against another European flagship corporation in a continuous effort by US government operatives to keep European governments in line with US geopolitical objectives.

Latest developments from Syria as well as listener participation filled out the balance of the show.

You can hear the entire interview here:

ITEL Radio Full Show – 9.26.15