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Hannukah as Hate – Frederick C. Blackburn – ITEL 12.16.17

Frederick C. Blackburn joined Inside the Eye – Live! for a special 2 hour interview.  Topics of discussion included ancient calendars, esoteric underpinnings of Western civilization, the Jewish loss of their temple to the Romans in 70 AD, the Arch of Titus as a symbol of and modern day testament to an ongoing war by Jews against Western civilization that has stretched through nearly 2 millenia, and the ongoing encroachment of Jewish totalitarianism as represented by the ever sprouting menoras that may be found prominently placed at strategic or highly visible political locations even as Jewish groups work overtime to remove any vestige of Western historical and religious symbols throughout lands that have and continue to be largely populated by those of European descent.

What is clear is that the lighting of the menora is a political statement by Jews of their might and power in the modern era, which, ironically, is a rather modern day phenomena which owes its existence to Christian chroniclers within the Catholic Church.

Make no mistake about it: Hannukah is NOT a “Jewish Christmas” – it is an annual remembrance for Jews that they are at war with the West and that this war will not be complete until Jews have vanguished Western civilization once and for all.

Lots of “data points” in this entertaining, informative  interview.

ITEL Radio Interview – Frederick C. Blackburn – 12.16.17

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