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Harley Schlanger and Lee Rogers on ITEL Radio – 9.27.14


After a long hiatus, Harley Schlanger, national spokesperson for the LaRouche PAC and Southwest Bureau Chief of the Executive Intelligence Review, returned to Inside the Eye – Live! to discuss some of the latest development on the domestic, international, and business fronts. Harley was following by Lee Rogers, former host of Live Free or Die Radio and the current editor in chief of “The Daily Slave”.

Russia and The New World Order


A good percentage of the interview with Harley Schlanger revolved around the evolving turbulence surrounding Russia and the Neocon war against Russia. The response to this undeclared yet declared war by Western Jewish elites against Russia has some predictable consequences.

To begin: a New World Order opposed to the current Jewish “New World Order”

We discussed recent comments by Sergei Glaziev who is an Advisor to the President of the Russian Federation and a Full Member of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

Glaziev has the distinction of having early career collaboration with the LaRouche PAC. Glaziev is part of a growing constituency seeking to divorce the global economic system from the overt totalitarian dominance of Jewish banking interests.

Some points raised by Glaziev include the following:

1) That the BRICS could serve as a prototype and take the following measures to maintain economic security:

  • create a universal payment system for BRICS countries and issue a common payment card that would incorporate China’s UnionPay, Brazil’s ELO, India’s RuPay, and Russian payment systems;
  • build an interbank information exchange system similar to SWIFT and which is independent from the United States and the European Union;
  • establish its own rating agencies.

These acts would help assist in a rapid “de-dollarization” of the current global economic system and with it, aid in the reigning in of criminal mafias in control of various US government infrastructures.

The Attack on Syria – a NeoCon “Hot Pursuit” “Strategy”


Another topic of discussion revolved around the “Neocon Strategy” contained in the PNAC treatise for perpetual war, “A Clean Break: A Strategy for Securing the Realm“. The use of the word “realm” as it applies to geopolitics is a huge clue that the people behind the document are mentally and intellectually unhinged, but that is another story.

Key points within “A Clean Break” revolved around Jewish treason to assist Israel in “securing the Northern Border”. As part of this “strategy”, the Jewish traitors behind 9-11 and a Clean Break thought up this amazing brilliance:

—striking Syria’s drug-money and counterfeiting infrastructure in Lebanon, all of which focuses on Razi Qanan.
—paralleling Syria’s behavior by establishing the precedent that Syrian territory is not immune to attacks emanating from Lebanon by Israeli proxy forces…

Here we find the fertile “rationale” for Israel’s total failure in the Jewish barbarism toward Lebanon in 2006, and more importantly, the use of foreign proxy fighters as part of a comprehensive strategy to bring down the Syrian government.

Another element of “A Clean Break” was the idea of “hot pursuit”, where criminal elements of Jewish military organizations would “rationalize” unilateral murder of targets in foreign territory.

US Airstrikes Syria

The ongoing US and allied attacks on US and Israeli created insurgents in Syria is just a simple example of the use of “hot pursuit”, a criminal mindset whereby unilateral declarations by the aggressor force (Jewish controlled US Military) results in undeclared wars and direct assaults on foreign territory.

Many countries around the world have protested the unilateral decisions of America’s Jewish leadership to engage in this form of criminal behavior and it is these types of extraterritorial criminality that is hastening a global effort to divorce from the “unstable” leadership of “the West”.

This story and much more can be heard in a fascinating interview with Harley Schlanger here:

Orthodox Jewry – “Little Demons Walking Around!”


If anyone has ever had the misfortune of having to travel an extended period of time on an airplane surrounded by Jews, it is an uncomfortable and stressful experience that I would not want to wish on too many.

Lee couldn’t help but take a stab at a recent event in New York where a group of Orthodox Jews caused a flight delay of many hours due to their insistence on imposing pre-Medieval religious dictates on the entirety of the air craft.

Calling these Orthodox Jews “little demons walking all over the place”, perhaps Lee hit on an esoteric reality.

From the Daily Slave:

Insane Ultra-Orthodox Jews Delay Flight For Hours Because They Would Not Sit Next To Women

A group of insane Ultra-Orthodox Jews flying from New York to Tel Aviv delayed a flight for hours because they refused to sit next to women.

Surely we will see feminists all over the media crying about how this group of Ultra-Orthodox Jews are sexist woman haters. Oh that’s right, since the media is mostly controlled by Jews we will see little if any reporting on this story.

It is funny how the Jews are allowed to keep their patriarchal structure but White Europeans are told that they are evil female haters if they simply advocate for basic traditions.

Lee Rogers, former host of Live Free or Die Radio and now the editor in chief of “The Daily Slave” has sure changed his editorial style. This was one of the main discussions – the whys and how comes? Lee provided a pretty frank and forthcoming explanation as to why he has changed his editorial framing.

Simply speaking: Lee feels that raising the rhetoric in a form of “shock journalism” is an imperative to shake and wake people up.

The Daily Slave is essentially a news aggregation site with Lee Rogers providing a lead in opinion on the highlighted story.

From such headlines as:

Jewed Out Leaders Of Europe Make Fighting Jew Hatred A National Priority


Jew Rats Fleeing To Israel At Highest Rate In Five Years

What is clear is that Lee Rogers is redefining “shock journalism” in an effort to reach and wake people up and doing so in a manner that would have been unthinkable just a year or two ago.

Listen to this whirlwind of news as, perhaps, only Lee Rogers can call it!

Lee Rogers on ITEL Radio – 9.27.14

You can hear all three hours, including some “Fetch” insights on “International Jewish Conspiracy”, here:


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