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Harley Schlanger, Dusk of the Imperial Empire

Harley Schlanger, the longtime associate and spokesperson for Lyndon LaRouche, and the current VP of the Schiller Institute, joined Inside the Eye – Live! in hour #2. Harley was one of the earliest guests on Inside the Eye – Live!, going back to the Oracle Broadcasting days. Speaking from Berlin, Germany, Harley touched on the political mood within the German capital, providing insights into the thinking of political and economic elites in Germany.

Of particular importance is the recognition that the Neocon vision of a “unipolar world” is rapidly coming to a close, and this realization is beginning to be realized more openly by German political and economic elites as well as Europe. The problems that Merkel and her Christian Social Democrats due to Merkel’s insistence on “open borders”, a policy that has resulted in a de facto invasion of Germany without Islamic demographics even having to fire a shot, continues to play a huge role in political discussions within Germany and greater Europe as well.

The desire for German business elites to more closely align with Russia and China in the developing pan-Eurasian economic development, and the not so hidden reality that Germany is still very much an occupied country, was also discussed.

This was a welcome “macro-geopolitical view” show from one of the true veterans of the political playing field.

You can hear the entire show here:

ITEL Radio Interview – Harley Schlanger – 1.14.17