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Henrik Palmgren, Red Ice Creations, on ITEL Radio – 11.15.14

Henrik Palmgren from Red Ice Creations and Red Ice Radio was a guest on Inside the Eye – Live! on Saturday, November 15, 2014. Henrik appeared in the 3rd hour of the show. Areas of discussion included the state of Red Ice Creations as it has shifted its editorial focus, “the war on Whites”, multiculturalism, and the latest video project from a new Red Ice Creations project which is called “Red Ice Insight”.

Red Ice Radio – A Shift in Editorial Direction


To begin, Henrik and The Fetch discussed some of the shifts in editorial focus that has been observed at Red Ice Radio. Instead of a pure focus on “the fringe” which consists largely of topics concerning alternative history, Occult, other “conspiracy” related fields, Red Ice Creations and Red Ice Radio has begun to heavily immerse itself into focusing on some core macro and micro political and social issues faced in Western civilization today combined or blended with material that remains at the core of Red Ice Creations audience.

Henrik commented that Red Ice Radio and Red Ice Creations has always been about “taking chances” as regards its editorial direction, and that the reality is, Western audiences, and in particular, Red Ice Radio’s audience, is waking up to what many believe to be a war on Western civilization. Henrik commented that in his belief, what is at stake is the literal survival of Western civilization, and at this stage of the cultural war against Western civilization, dealing with some of the larger political and historical issues is becoming a necessity for everyone who is concerned about the direct of Europe and Western civilization at large.


On these matters, Henrik spoke at length, from the plight of his native country Sweden to the apparent planned “population replacement scheme” that Europeans are now experiencing.

“Red Ice Insight” – A New Feature at Red Ice Creations

red ice insight

Henrik revealed that Red Ice Creations has launched a new feature to Red Ice Creations called “Red Ice Insight”. This new feature will revolve around the release of new video projects that provide “insights” into issues that the Red Ice Creations team finds to be important and of value and interest to the Red Ice Creations audience.

In particular, Henrik spoke at length about the latest (Episode 5) Red Ice Insight project called “Saint George and the ‘White Whore'”. Hosted by Radio 3Fourteen’s Lana Lokteff, “Saint George and the ‘White Whore'”,

…reviews the propaganda found within the TV show Saint George, starring George Lopez.

In this 1 hour plus feature, Lana further explores,

the politics of George Lopez’s stand-up comedy and discuss(es) the strained relationship between Latinos and European Americans.

With over 28K views on Youtube at pixel time, it looks like Red Ice Creations has another winning formula filled with, shall we say, “insightful” forward thinking political and social observations.

Lana is spectacular in this feature. For those interested in “the War on Whites” and the propaganda coming out of Talmudic controlled Hollywood that advances the social acceptance of “the War on Whites”, this is a pretty “in your face” demonstration and elucidation of what is a pretty sinister and overt agenda.

It can be viewed here:

You will, at minimum, smile at the tortilla’s. “The tortillas” is a rather funny memorable moment in what is a very powerful video presentation.

From Reaction Mode to War Mode

Supporters of Greece's far-right Golden Dawn party protest around a flag during a rally at central Syntagma square in Athens

The Interview with Henrik was quite refreshing, especially for all those who have written or spoken to me being critical of Henrik’s efforts in raising awareness to the larger political issues that faces “Western civilization”.

As Henrik and I have discussed both privately and publicly, rather than being “judgmental” of people who are not “singing with the choir” when one believes they should or “must”. We must grant time for people to grow and “figure things out on their own”, for when we allow for this, the effects of the transformation of a person’s perceptions are lasting and become synthesized within the individual.

Another key point Henrik raised is that we who are standard bearers of the ideals of Western Civilization, and that includes everyone who adheres to and lives by the egalitarian nature that has made Western civilization such a successful civilization on the human stage, are largely still in “reaction mode” and not in “war mode”.

We often find ourselves having to defend ourselves from agendas put into motion, rather than forcing our social and political opponents to defend from ideas and actions we put into motion.

In principle, Henrik on this point raises a very valid and insightful point. And that is just one of many.

This was a good interview for Henrik and should be enjoyed by those who are fans of Henrik and for those who are not familiar with Henrik’s transformation, which, as he says, has become “personal” due to the total full court press against Swedes and Sweden of which Henrik is one of that countries more “socially and politically” personalities.

You can here the entire interview here:

ITEL Radio Interview – Henrik Palmgren – 11.15.14

Secretary of State Kerry in Jordan


In hour’s 1 and 2, we spent a lot of time discussing Secretary of State John Kerry’s trip to Jordan for consultation with President Abbas of Palestine, King Abdullah II of Jordan, and a separate meeting between King Abdullah II of Jordan, Prime Minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu, and Secretary of State Kerry.

In addition, we discussed the falling prestige of Turkey in the eyes of the Arab world.

As always, an informative and fast paced show with lots of intrigue and insight.

You can here the entire show here:

Inside the Eye – Live! Full Show – 11.15.14