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Horus the Avenger, the White Rabbit on ITEL, Jan 26, 2013


On Saturday, January 26, 2013, “Horus the Avenger” from White Rabbit Radio, joined for the second half of the show to provide insights into the techniques used to bring down the Soviet Union and the techniques being employed to bring down the current “politically correct” command and control political system. The first half of the show was spent on Middle East political news analysis and round-up.


silhouetteM, White Rabbit

Horus the Avenger has broken down the current political paradigm into an allegorical story based on “White Rabbits” (Western Civilization, aka “White” people) and “Pink Rabbits” (parasitic forces, aka “Jewish culture”. The story recognizes the centuries old internal war by adherents of Jewish ideals and Western civilization, recognizing that at present, Jewish political force (Pink Rabbits) have ascended to dominance and are seeking the destruction of White civilization via a backdoor genocide through the use of immigration and forced assimilation and inter-racial mixing of non-White cultures with that of White nations.

Although “Whites” are the target of this forced inter-racial assimilation, there is a recognition that non-Whites are simply being used as pawns in the larger genocide game and that ultimately, non-White cultures by definition are also being destroyed through the assimilation techniques being employed by “Pink Rabbits”.

The Mantra

The Mantra is a technique used to break down political paradigms. It relies on a simple and yet consistent message that focuses on inconsistencies in current political and social framing. Much of the memes that make up “the Mantra” have been penned by Bob Whitaker, one of the leader political “memists” responsible for helping to bring down the Soviet Union and the Berlin Wall.

The technique was to pen memes that showed the inconsistencies of the Soviet system, which was often billed as “a workers paradise”. Well, if the Soviet Union and Eastern Block were such wonderful paradises for workers, why were they being guarded by machine guns to keep people from leaving? Such memes point to the inherent contradictions in the political framing.

In the case of “White Rabbit Genocide”, being brought about by social engineering projects such as forced integration of “white communities” under “progressive policies”, it is pointed out that in Tibet, China sought to force assimilation of Tibetans into Chinese society, a tactic which remains viewed as genocide under international law.

The question remains: if it is against international law for the Chinese government to forcefully assimilate Tibetans (thus destroying their culture and genome pool), why then is it called “progressive politics” when these same tactics are being employed by “Pink Rabbits” in Western societies?

Essentially, the Mantra is a series of “political marketing slogans” designed to focus on and create dissonance within the current political reality such as to elevate the inconsistencies such that the system becomes destroyed by its own inconsistencies.

White Rabbi Radio


Horus the Avenger has been podcasting for over 2 years and has collected a library of over 70 podcasts. They are available for listening at White Rabbit Radio where you can find additional engaging material.

This entertaining broadcast with Horus the Avenger may be heard here:

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